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Decoration is a major event for every family. If you are cheated in the process, even if the small family is decorated luxuriously, it will not be satisfactory. Many consumers don't know the situation before signing the contract, and designers usually "don't ask, even if you know". At the same time, the home decoration package is difficult to meet the personalized decoration, and its fixed main material brands and styles do not have a high degree of freedom of choice. Xiaobian specially integrates all kinds of home decoration information for you, and launches a family decoration guide series to decorate the most romantic and warm love nest for you

house decoration is a "game" of wits and courage. Everyone hopes to spend the least money, which can not only ensure the quality of decoration, but also decorate the house beautifully. In this issue, Mr. Rao and Miss Lin, the leading characters of the thrifty family, launched comprehensive decoration preparations for their wedding new house four weeks ago - terminating all social activities, querying online and doing "homework", making decoration budget tables with Excel tables, and rampaging in major building materials markets and furniture stores in Guangzhou to compare materials and "price", etc. Although the days of decoration are tired, Mr. Rao believes that "decoration with a spirit of play and learning, then decoration is also a happy experience."

"saving money in decoration starts with shopping." After a month, Mr. Rao summed up four tips for saving money in buying materials for decoration: first, please choose to contract labor rather than materials for decoration master, choose discount goods of large brands or second-line brands of large companies. In remote large building materials markets, manufacturers' direct selling points are often easy to obtain low discounts, and furniture DIY can not only unify the style, but also save money

Mr. Rao told reporters that the decoration company has a high price but is worry free. If you want to save money, you have to find a decoration team. Decoration methods are divided into labor and materials contracting and labor and materials contracting. Some decoration companies and teams are keen on contracting labor and materials when taking over the work. Generally speaking, they discuss the rebate with the material manufacturer first, and the rebate for purchasing materials is generally about 5%

"of course, if you choose to contract labor rather than materials, it means that ceramic tiles, tiles, doors and other decoration materials are purchased by yourself, which requires a lot of time and cost." Mr. Rao believes that consumers who are usually busy with work and do not have much leisure can choose the way of contracting labor and materials only when they are familiar with decoration materials. Remember that when signing a decoration contract with a decoration company, you should specify the building materials brand you trust, write it into the contract, and then go to the site for acceptance

Mr. Rao suggested that consumers like him who usually have more free time can save costs by choosing to contract labor rather than materials. If you are not familiar with decoration materials, you can do some homework first. Be careful not to go to unlicensed building materials stores, but to choose some large-scale building materials companies or brand stores. When purchasing, you must ask for an invoice in case of any consumption disputes in the future

search for goods in distant markets

"it's actually very interesting to bargain in major building materials and furniture stores. You can not only choose goods with high quality and low price, but also steal teachers and learn skills. After shopping in stores, you actually know the design of the house well." Mr. Rao believes that the happiness of decoration lies in running between major shopping malls, selecting and comparing among piles of goods, and then making a comprehensive decision

now, whenever there is free time in the evening or weekend holidays, Mr. Rao drives his car to take Miss Lin shopping everywhere. Almost all the famous building materials and furniture stores in Guangzhou have their footprints

Mr. Rao found such a rule, taking the city center as the origin and the radius from the city center to the suburbs as the radius. The longer the radius, the cheaper the price of the store will be. Mr. Rao said that because some direct selling points or dealers of building materials and sanitary ware manufacturers are generally located in shopping malls in remote places, there may be more discounts on the price of goods taken directly here





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