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The traditional decoration peak season of "golden nine and silver ten" is coming one after another. The decoration demand of owners is gradually increasing, and Wuhan home decoration market is also gradually invigorating. Decoration is a thing worth looking forward to, but the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network keeps hearing the complaints of the owners, who can afford to buy a house but can't afford to hire a job, and the decoration is full of tears. Why on earth is this

the worker's value rises

"my family originally planned to start construction in the middle of September, and the decoration materials have been purchased. Last month, I have been looking for Wuhan decoration company, because the construction labor cost listed by the decoration company was a little high, and I didn't sign it at that time. As a result, now the price is expensive again, and some famous masters even have to queue up. I don't trust myself to find the construction team on the street, and I'm worried to death!" Ms. Wu, the owner of Hankou city square, was helpless when she mentioned this: I remember that when my sister's house was decorated three years ago, the daily salary of workers was only 250 fast, and that of skilled workers was 300 fast, which could be accepted. I didn't expect that now the average worker's daily salary is four or five hundred, and some even charge 700 a day. How many people can afford such a high price

why did the construction workers' value soar

only a few years ago, why did the value of construction workers rise so fast? Now construction workers can really say that "a monthly salary of more than 10000 is not a dream"! The main reasons are as follows:

1. The number of construction workers has decreased sharply. Some older and more mature construction workers are active on the decoration site in Wuhan, and the price will naturally be higher. Now young people are unwilling to bear hardships, afraid of dirt and fatigue, and there are fewer and fewer young people taking over the mantle of the construction industry. The shortage of supply will naturally lead to the rise of construction workers' prices

2. In the era of soaring prices, the prices of building materials will naturally rise. The price of building materials has increased, and the construction cost has increased accordingly. Will the labor cost remain unchanged

3.、 The rising cost of living is also one of the reasons for the rise in labor costs. With the rising price level, the labor costs of the decoration industry will rise steadily every year compared with the previous year. At present, it is the peak decoration season, and the wages of decoration workers are naturally pushed higher. Recommendation: do you know how to save the labor cost of decoration in Wuhan

changing ideas can also reduce labor costs

because the decoration climate in autumn is dry, wood panels are not easy to regain moisture, paint and paint are also easy to dry, not easy to blister or produce cracks, so many owners set the decoration date in September and October, and the phenomenon of "pushing decoration" naturally occurred. As long as the industrial owners change their ideas, they can also save a lot of decoration costs! For example, you don't have to decorate in groups: rush to decorate in the peak season, not only the cost is relatively high, but also the quality is difficult to guarantee. The labor cost of decoration in the peak season is at least one or two thousand yuan higher than that in the off-season. If you can choose to avoid decoration in the peak season, it is actually more affordable. On the one hand, there is more labor force, and there is more room to choose a more desirable master. On the other hand, the construction period is relatively loose, and the decoration quality is more guaranteed. As for the problem that most owners are concerned about the easy return of moisture in spring, it can be controlled. As long as the construction is proper, there is no problem at all

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