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Abstract: what problems should we pay attention to in house decoration? Attention should be paid to the details in the process of house decoration. Here are four small problems that should be paid attention to in house decoration

question 1 hanging a picture frame on the wall

the owner's question: it was originally very simple to want to hang a few paintings on the wall, but when it was operated, it was found that the nails in the bearing wall could not be nailed in, and the painting was not hung on the wall, but a piece of paint fell out in vain. It is said that heavy things cannot be hung on the light wall, so they dare not move. What should we do

expert guidance: if you still use ordinary nails for hanging picture frames, you are out. According to Nian Zhiren, technical director of Yuanzhou Decoration Group, many home shopping malls sell a kind of plum blossom nail, which is specially used for hanging pictures and picture frames. On the load-bearing wall, find a good position, make a mark, and then hit the plum blossom nail with a hammer. It is easy to nail in. There is a small hook on the back of the nail, which is very convenient for hanging pictures, and the pulling and hanging force is also good. Nails have different models, and can be purchased according to the size of the picture frame

as for light-weight walls, nails are not recommended for cement board and gypsum board materials to prevent the frame from falling. Experts also reminded owners that if they want to hang large oil paintings on the light wall, they need to design in advance and reinforce the light wall during decoration. Hanging heavy paintings on the light wall needs to be fixed with steel strips reinforced by through screws. Hanging wooden couplets or heavy plaques requires embedding hanging mirror lines in the wall in advance to ensure the bearing capacity, or lining the wall with large core plates

question 2 Kitchen and bathroom safety shelves

owner's question: Recently, I bought some towel racks, seasoning baskets, shelves, etc. in the home store to make up for the lack of decoration. But these things need to be fixed on the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. It's not worth inviting someone to install it, but the ceramic tile broke without two hands. What should I do

expert guidance: drilling holes in ceramic tiles is a technical job. If you want to do it yourself, first prepare the percussion drill, and then wear insulating gloves. After these hardware are ready, measure the position on the ceramic tile and mark it. The best place to start is at the joint of the two tiles. If not, it can be in the middle of the tiles, and never at the edge of the tiles, which is easy to crack the tiles

after finding the position, first make a gap on the ceramic tile with an electric drill, and then adjust it to the impact block to drill holes along this gap. Don't use too much force during operation, and don't shake the electric drill left and right. To achieve the above, if the quality of ceramic tiles is qualified, the conditions for installing small objects on ceramic tiles can be basically met

question 3 changing the chandelier in the living room

the owner's question: the older the ceiling lamp in the living room at home, the more unpleasant it looks, and is ready to change it into a beautiful crystal chandelier. But there is a ceiling in the living room. I heard that heavy lights cannot be directly installed on the ceiling and will fall off. Can I change the light in this situation

expert guidance: relatively small crystal lamps can use extended expansion screws to penetrate the gap between the ceiling and the original top surface and drive into the base 4&8212; 5 cm for fixation. If large suspended ceilings are to be installed, they must be reinforced during decoration. When making the light steel keel of the ceiling, reinforce it near the position where the lamp is installed. For example, pull more hanging bars or weld some steel plates at the place where the lamp is hung to increase the bearing capacity. You can also add some large core boards on the gypsum board and fix them with expansion bolts to make their nail holding force stronger. For large lamps and lanterns with embedded parts, it is necessary to ask about the installation method of lamps and lanterns at the time of purchase, and fully communicate with the construction personnel before installing the ceiling, and install the required embedded parts in the ceiling, so that the lamps and lanterns can be hung on the ceiling through the embedded parts to ensure its firmness

question 4 air conditioner relocation hole

owner's question: if you want to change the air conditioner to a suitable position, you need to re punch the hole. Now there are many & 8220 in the community; Move the machine to punch holes &8221; Can I trust their service quality

expert guidance: first of all, the property has a unified arrangement for the installation position of the air-conditioning plug-in machine, and the property should be consulted before moving the machine. In addition, there are technical requirements for punching. Too low hanging up is easy to deform the pipeline and prevent condensate from flowing out; If it is too high, the condensate will flow back

in addition, the irregular punching position also makes it difficult to hang up the installation. Therefore, the owner should comprehensively consider these requirements and ask the standardized construction team to construct




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