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Are you confused when choosing colored lead doors and windows? Odison windows and doors bar, the most practical color lead windows and doors shopping strategy for you, two key points to keep in mind

how much do you know about practical strategies for purchasing doors and windows? Odison doors and windows presents you with the most practical color lead doors and windows and the shopping strategy. The following two points are very important and must be kept in mind

the selection and processing of materials for doors and windows depends on

First: Materials

the main materials for doors and windows generally include three aspects: aluminum, glass and hardware. When choosing products, owners often pay more attention to the thickness of aluminum profiles and glass, but the requirements for hardware are not very high, which is not comprehensive. In fact, the state has certain standards for color aluminum doors and windows. The thickness, strength and oxide film of aluminum profiles used for high-quality color aluminum doors and windows can generally meet national standards, such as the requirements of relevant national regulations: the wall thickness of aluminum profiles of color aluminum doors and windows should not be less than 1.2mm, and the thickness of oxide film should reach 10 microns. Tempered glass is better than ordinary glass. If considering the safety and durability of doors and windows, hardware accessories made of stainless steel (such as screws, hinges, etc.) are better than aluminum accessories, and the pulley is best to choose products made of POM, because such products have higher strength and wear resistance, and are smooth and not easy to break in the process of use. You know, the damage of doors and windows usually starts from the accessories of doors and windows

second: processing

with good materials, the next step is the processing of doors and windows. As the technical content of doors and windows is not high, and the degree of mechanization is not high at present, most of them still rely on the manual operation of installers, which requires operators to have a good awareness of product quality. It is very important to strengthen the proficiency and product awareness of operators in the production process. High quality color aluminum doors and windows have fine processing, smooth tangent and consistent angle (the main frame material is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees). There should be no obvious gap in the splicing process, with good sealing performance and smooth switching. If the processing is unqualified, there will be sealing problems, not only air and rain leakage, but also the glass will crack and fall off under the action of strong winds and large external forces, causing property losses to the owner and even personal injury





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