How to choose a constant temperature and humidity

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How to choose and buy constant temperature and humidity boxes

teach you how to choose and buy constant temperature and humidity boxes with the improvement of the working environment. 1. Size selection of general constant temperature and humidity boxes depends on the size of the test products. According to the requirements of the national standard GB2423, the size of the test studio should be greater than or equal to three times the size of the test products. This is the most ideal test effect. In addition, if your product is 300 wide, 250 long, 180 high mm, If the number of test products is small, 408l (Studio 600x850x800mm) is enough. Of course, you can choose a larger one and do the test in multiple layers

II. Power supply selection

the constant temperature and humidity box, whether 220V or 380V, is more than three-phase 24 For the power interface of concrete bending test mold, if the temperature is below -40 ° C and the box body is above 225L, it is recommended to select 380V four-phase power interface, because this is more stable for the power consumption of the whole laboratory and good for the service life of the equipment itself

III. selection of air cooling and water cooling:

air cooling is generally enough for constant temperature and humidity chambers. Water cooling is generally used for large constant temperature and humidity chambers or rapid temperature rise and fall testing machines with large boxes. Generally, water cooling is used for cold and heat shock test chambers

IV. service environment of constant temperature and humidity cabinet

(1) The allowable service temperature range is 0~35 ℃

(2) Performance guarantee range: 5~35 ℃

(3) Relative humidity: no more than 85%

(4) Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106kpa

1. General standard: for more practical and practical testing requirements

(5) No strong vibration around

(6) No direct sunlight or other heat sources

(7) Natural drainage outlet: ※ there shall be no bulge in the middle of the drainage pipe, and the ground of the house shall not have extreme inclination

constant temperature and humidity box refers to setting the temperature and its corresponding humidity point within a certain range!! (generally, the range is small, the temperature is 0~70 ℃, and the humidity is 40~95%rh)

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