How to choose a good BPM solution for enterprises

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How to choose a good BPM solution for enterprises

after years of development, the application of enterprise business process management (BPM) has entered a diversified stage. At the beginning, enterprises positioned such products as automated leave, overtime and other processes. However, this alone makes little contribution to operation. Enterprises hope to strengthen the goal is a process that can substantially help production capacity and quality

in the observation of pengjinghao, technical director of sourcecode Greater China, most enterprises in mainland China still stay in the HR and salary window processes such as asking for leave and overtime; In Taiwan, ERP or process related applications are used. Even the processes related to personnel and salary will require integration with the back-end system and produce analysis reports, making it relatively difficult to build. While Hong Kong is dominated by multinational enterprises, application cases include document management, asset management and customer complaint compensation management. As for Singapore and Malaysia, the signing culture is different from that of the Chinese

demand change ---- the audit demand for engineering change in the manufacturing industry has obviously risen

according to the experience of Hualing technology and new human information, enterprises in Taiwan have applied more in the past two years, such as ecr/ecn (engineering change request/engineering change notice), product inquiry/quotation, and raw material request/purchase process

among them, the engineering change process demand of manufacturing industry is the most significant. Liangbinxian, general manager of Hualing technology, analyzed the difficulty: "the form is only an access interface, and the complex process that has proposed national rejuvenation since taking office is a process. The system must be able to automatically generate many sub processes according to the form content." The difference between this method and dynamic adding/countersigning is that the sub process is not assigned by people, but generated automatically by the system according to the file content

take the production of a set of computers as an example, which can be subdivided into screen, keyboard, mouse and other parts. If the system must change the designed parts according to each requirement listed in the form, a sub process will be generated dynamically, and the sub process will finally return to the original process. If the BPM platform does not provide an automation mechanism for such applications, it will be very difficult to achieve such a complex process if it is developed by IT personnel alone

multiple applications - it is an obvious trend that the application level of

process of document management, e-mail and fax has become extensive. Based on security considerations, enterprises have a rising awareness of "audit" and "control". Many jobs hope to achieve the purpose of management through processes

BPM manufacturers such as Hualing, new humanity, qiaopeng and Borg have successively launched document management systems, which are products born with bpm. Because document management meets the requirements of ISO 9001/14000, QS 9000 and BS 7799, the formulation, modification and abolition of documents need to be reviewed

the audit mechanism of the early document management system is relatively simple. If there is a complex need for adding/countersigning, additional customization is required. However, when the demand for audit is growing, BPM manufacturers find that they can provide more flexibility than the traditional document management system in the process related setting mechanism, thus driving another upsurge in document management

whenever the enterprise organization is adjusted, the system must be adjusted accordingly. Traditional document management manufacturers also feel this trend, because they need to evaluate the investment benefits to assist customers in customizing the process. If we are determined to develop a process platform with sufficient flexibility, friendliness and stability, we will be developing a set of BPM system, which is like "rebuilding the wheel". Therefore, document management vendors have cooperated with BPM vendors to support complex process settings in combination with the BPM process engine

in addition to document management, fax and e-mail also generate process audit requirements. Liangbinxian gives an example: "e-mail manufacturers have security control problems. For data sent by enterprises through e-mail, they need to filter the content of wood plastic products. If the content has sensitive words, they should go through the process first and pass the review." So, who reviews it? What are the rules? What is the audit process? These have not always been the specialties of mail manufacturers, but the scope of BPM manufacturers

for example, documents/drawings faxed in are part of enterprise document management, while data faxed out by employees, such as quotations, may need to be approved before sending

The application text on

is not as good as expected. Find a way out through e-mail sign off

the above are all developing trends. We also found two popular applications in the BPM field: mobile and SOA. Regarding the former, liangbinxian frankly said: "the mobile solution has not been pushed well."

the incentive for enterprises to sign off is not high, so they are not willing to import additional m-modules. The demand in this regard is mainly in the application of dispatch, maintenance and customer service. Having said that, he also saw another dawn that brought M-based applications back to life. He found that if an enterprise does not need to purchase additional modules, it can sign off as long as it changes to a smartphone, which is generally highly accepted by managers

therefore, Hualing technology changed its strategy, and their products turned to strengthening the e-mail signing mechanism, so that supervisors can receive process information through push mail; The email content includes content description, signing process, signing options, etc., and then directly sign on

another technical term that has fallen out of popularity in the BPM field is SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). When the workflow concept gradually shifted to BPM, many BPM manufacturers used to dance with software manufacturers and shout SOA. However, up to now, this term has quietly disappeared from bpm

liangbinxian said: "SOA has a huge architecture, including the bottom ESB and BPM of intermediate serial services, and users contact the top application system. These concepts are good, but the cost of implementation is very high. " Therefore, BPM vendors revise their practices to follow web services, BPEL, BPMN and other standards, but no longer talk about SOA

methods to solve too many process variables -- simply return to the thinking of the paper-based era

explore the problems that may be encountered in the introduction of BPM. Each manufacturer has the same view, which is "people". There must be a way to solve technical problems, but human problems are difficult to solve. Enterprises must solve the problem of internal uncertainty about the signing process. BPM manufacturers usually have little to do and can only wait for conclusions, which also delays the import process

in the paper age, most forms still have a fixed process, such as the payment request form of less than 500 yuan, the sign in manager, the sign in assistant manager of 1000 yuan, and the documents of more than 5000 yuan need to be submitted to the general manager for review. However, since the decision is made by people, the possibility of change is great

chengqinhui, associate manager of new humanity, said: "some of our customers have expressed their willingness to import BPM, but they are deterred as long as they think that they must complete so many processes throughout the company." So the new human's countermeasure is to launch the function of transferring signatures. Since the process is complex and there are many exceptions, it is better to return to the paper-based operation method and let the signer of the previous level decide the signer of the next level. In this way, we can keep the flexibility of paper, and also have the advantages of electronic, easy to track and count

too lazy to design forms - --- just sign off by e-mail.

another bottleneck is forms. Hualing technology found that the introduction of BPM system requires a period of time to formulate the process, and the format of the form may also be a problem. Although the form is only an interface for presenting information, the way in which it is presented is related to the "user friendliness" of the system. Therefore, in the case of "big government universities", sometimes the supervisors think it is too ugly and the words are too small. These seemingly trivial problems mean that the interface design has to be restarted to some extent. In addition, a high proportion of senior executives who have decision-making power are not good at typing, which will also form an introduction threshold

the main demand of many enterprises to import BPM is actually process automation, which does not necessarily need a form. In response to this problem, Hualing Technology launched a simple version of BPM product - uniflow, which connects processes by email. If there is additional information to be referred to, it can use an attachment

uniflow features more than this. Through Ajax technology, the manager can drag and drop the design process on the page. After completion, the process is delivered by e-mail. The supervisor only needs to check "agree/disagree" in the e-mail, and the process will automatically go to the next level; After the process import is stable, if an enterprise wants to strengthen the sign off interface and design a standard form, it can purchase another form module. Such a sequential operation and expansion method should reduce the impact of the initial introduction of BPM and speed up the online process

purchasing tips

● BPM is an infrastructure, not a software that can be used directly after installation, so the difficulty of import should be considered

● select the most difficult process to test the consultant's skills

● compare the methods of designing complex processes of various products, and the degree of difficulty is different

● IT personnel will eventually take over the management of BPM, so it is necessary to evaluate the friendliness of the operation interface

● test the stability of the system with a large amount of information by pressure test. (end)

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