How to choose and use laminated glass for building

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How to choose and use laminated glass for building

laminated glass is a composite glass product made of transparent bonding materials sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass and bonded by high temperature and high pressure. It is a safety glass product with high impact resistance and certain heat and sound insulation, that is, on the basis of different fixtures. Laminated glass for building is divided into ordinary laminated glass and tempered laminated glass. It is mainly produced by using PVB film as the intermediate layer by dry hot pressing process. It is one of the safety glass products that are compulsorily certified by the national certification and Accreditation Administration. When purchasing products, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

first, look at the mark and check the certificate

since the safety glass product certification was carried out in 2003, most of the building laminated glass production enterprises in China have passed the product certification. Enterprises must screen print or paste the 3C mark on the sold product body, or add the 31 mark on the minimum outer package and the attached documents (such as the certificate of conformity), which is difficult to design. When purchasing products, you should first check whether there is a 3C mark, and check whether the purchased products are within the capability range of the enterprise that has passed the compulsory certification and whether the certification certificate is valid through the network according to the enterprise information, factory number or product certification certificate

II. Check the appearance quality

check the appearance quality of the product. The laminated glass shall be free of cracks and degumming; The length or width of the explosion speed control system installed at the lower edge of the workbench shall not exceed the thickness of the glass; Scratches and abrasions shall not affect the use; Defects such as bubbles, impurities or other observable opaque objects in the intermediate layer shall not exceed the requirements of gb9962 standard

during use, external force impact shall be avoided as far as possible, especially for tempered laminated glass. When cleaning the glass, be careful not to scratch, scratch or abrade the glass surface, so as not to affect its optical performance, safety performance and beauty. Neutral glue shall be used for the installation of laminated glass, and it is strictly prohibited to contact with acid glue

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