The two most popular Dongfanghong parts 4S stores

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Two "Dongfanghong parts 4S stores" are located in Heilongjiang Province

two "Dongfanghong parts 4S stores" are located in Heilongjiang Province

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recently, two "Dongfanghong parts 4S stores" initiated by China YITUO Group Corporation in Harbin and Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province, were officially put into operation, It marks that this new thing in the agricultural machinery parts industry has brought a brand-new service mode to the farmers' friends and the vast number of agricultural machinery users in Heilongjiang Province, and also indicates that the "aircraft carrier of parts stores" in the agricultural machinery parts market in Heilongjiang Province has officially set sail

as a major agricultural province in China, agricultural machinery products have a broad consumer market in Heilongjiang Province. With the sustainable development of modern agriculture, people have increasingly improved the performance requirements of agricultural machinery products, and the demand for high-quality agricultural machinery parts has increased year by year. However, at present, on the one hand, in order to obtain high profits and reduce production costs, illegal producers and operators use inferior materials to produce agricultural machinery parts and components, and operators use inferior materials as good ones and confuse the false with the true; On the other hand, farmers lack the common sense to distinguish. They often suffer losses because of their greed for cheap prices

according to Li Qiang, director of China Yituo parts center, in recent years, the agricultural machinery market in Heilongjiang Province, known as the "great granary of China", has made great progress. With the fierce competition in the agricultural machinery market, due to the same standards and strong compatibility of some agricultural machinery accessories, the high-tech accessories products and advanced marketing models of foreign agricultural machinery enterprises will further impact the agricultural machinery accessories market. As for the domestic agricultural machinery parts market, recently, how to speed up the integration with the international model, improve their product quality, intensify efforts to crack down on counterfeit agricultural machinery parts, and get out of the current abnormal situation of genuine and fake parts competing for the "cake" in the market. Now this aspect is much more advanced than the desktop, which has become the subject and direction of China YITUO Group

it is understood that the launch of this new model mainly highlights four points: first, build the only accessories sales management platform of YITUO Group, and establish an accessories center with the purchasing center as the parent to make the whole experimental process more smooth, responsible for the planning, channel construction and business implementation of accessories sales. Second, actively participate in the market competition with the quality advantage of original accessories, and provide the market with accessories services with reliable quality and reasonable price. Third, optimize the parts supply guarantee system, establish information network, customer files and professional storage facilities, and effectively improve the efficiency of parts supply. Fourth, improve the professional operation and management level of accessories, and comprehensively optimize the management process of accessories business from the aspects of assembly, logistics, calling, tracing, etc., said loujianfeng, vice president of Asia Pacific region of BASF characteristic materials business department

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