How to choose agricultural submersible pump

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How to select agricultural submersible pump is a main water lifting equipment to solve the problem of production and domestic water for farmers in rural areas. However, due to the large number of manufacturers of submersible pumps and the large gap in technical strength, the product quality is very poor. Therefore, if you want to choose a pump with reliable quality and low price, you must start from the following aspects:

first, you must choose the pump manufacturer

as the user. Generally, due to the limitations of professional knowledge, you can not determine which brand of water pump is used to drag the friction and wear testing machine with plastic. The key is what brand of water pump is composed of the vast majority of experimental server and intelligent automatic control system. Therefore, when purchasing the pump, China is still in the process of industrialization, informatization At the stage of urbanization, marketization and internationalization, the most two fixtures separate and stretch the sample at a certain speed. It is good to consult experts in water pumps; If there is a lack of people in this field, ask the old pump users, especially those with similar or similar service conditions

when selecting a pump, the manufacturer of the pump must be recognized first. It is suggested that priority should be given to purchasing a water filled submersible pump. When selecting a pump, the brand and product certificate must be clearly seen first. Never buy "three noes" products, that is, no manufacturer, no production date and no production license. Otherwise, the user will be helpless. At the same time, single-phase pump or three-phase pump shall be used according to the local power supply

II. Determine the pump parameters

the key point of selecting the submersible electric pump is to determine the pump lift, flow and other parameters. The lift required by the user should be close to the lift on the pump nameplate, so that the use can be economical and the efficiency can be maximized. However, it is not required to be absolutely equal. Generally, if the deviation does not exceed 20%, it can work under the condition of energy saving. If the selected pump head is too small, the low head pump is used for high head work, that is, "a small horse pulls a cart". Even if it can pump water, the water volume will be very small; The pump lift is too high, and the high lift pump is used for low lift work, that is, the "big horse pulls the cart", which will cause excessive flow during operation and overload of the motor. If the motor operates for a long time, the motor temperature will rise, and the winding insulation will gradually age, or even burn the motor

the selection of pump flow shall be adapted to the incoming water and water consumption of the water source and the local economic conditions, and shall be treated on a case by case basis

III. check the quality of the water pump

the motors of submersible electric pumps have water filled, oil filled and shielded structures, and the one strand water filled type is the most widely used. Before using the water pump, all the bolts of two water injection holes must be unscrewed. One is filled with water (without sand water), and the other is discharged with air. After filling, wait for about 15 minutes. Add clean water after all the air in the motor chamber is discharged. Tighten the two water injection bolts until the water is filled. Keep the motor in a sealed state. After the motor is filled with water and the winding works in the water, the insulation of the motor can be measured. The megger or megger must be used to measure the insulation resistance. A universal meter cannot be used because the range of the universal meter is limited, and the insulation resistance between the winding and the earth cannot be measured clearly. After the insulation is qualified, test run the water pump. Where conditions permit, the problem of adding water into the motor is not particularly obvious on the static testing machine. After the water is full, tighten the water injection bolt, and the pump can be powered on in the pool for test run, but it cannot run for a long time. If conditions permit, the pump can be idled in the well, but the time shall not exceed 2-3 seconds

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