How to calibrate outdoor wireless LED display

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How to calibrate outdoor wireless LED display

the theoretical service life of wireless LED display screen is 100000 hours, but the actual uniformity of a wireless display screen will deteriorate after running for about 5000-10000 hours, which will reduce its commercial value. At this time, it is necessary to calibrate the LED display screen point by point. This paper mainly introduces how to calibrate the outdoor LED display screen

preparation for calibration

1. Cleaning the LED display screen:

design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings in hot summer and cold winter areas jgj134 ⑵ 001 remove the dust and stains on the lamp surface and mask to avoid their impact on the brightness. If the mask needs to be replaced, please ensure that the color of the mask is the same as before, otherwise the display will be affected, especially in the daytime, and the correction will not improve much

2. Replace the module with poor function:

some lights are not lit, there are many dead lights, the scanning is abnormal, the overall lights are too dark (the resistance may be wrong), the display is affected by problems with the wiring or socket, etc. Ensure that the final display, scanning and picture are normal, and there is no dark, constant light, continuous light and other phenomena

 3. Control card upgrade:

if the currently used control card does not support correction or the number of load points is insufficient, it needs to be upgraded. Due to the risk of dead card in the upgrade of control card, the customer needs to contact the control system company in advance for upgrade and related treatment

finally, during the operation of large-scale display screen, the operator should also pay attention to patrol inspection to observe whether there is abnormal sound, peculiar smell, abnormal light and other phenomena. If the display screen is not used for a long time, it should be inspected in advance when it is put into use again. It is worth noting that the long-term non use of surface mounted LED display will lead to the decline of reliability. 1 main shaft and its drive system main shaft (1) are composed of Panasonic exchange electromechanical (2) and P multi limb chain WMC pulse width speed control system for cross-section test. The rated torque of the electromechanical system is 9.545n m, the pulse width speed regulation range is 10 ⑵ 000r/min, stepless constant torque, and the high-speed accuracy is 1% The electromechanical power is about 1.5KW. It is recommended to use the upper part of the main shaft (1) and electromechanical (2) for more than 1 hour a week to reduce the erosion of moisture on the display screen

and breakthrough in multi-layer coextrusion performance

proper operation of wireless LED display also includes playing appropriate programs in use. For example, due to the light attenuation characteristics of LED lamps, playing the same picture for a long time leads to large local light attenuation; In addition, long-term broadcast of programs with high brightness will lead to full load operation of various components and accelerate aging; At the same time, from an economic point of view, it will also consume a lot of electric energy and increase the operating cost. Therefore, pay attention to it in the use process

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