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"I'll tell you" the second season of the relay Shantui brand story is cool "

" I'll tell you "the second season of the relay Shantui brand story is cool"

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a month long Shantui "'value 'wants to listen to you." the brand story solicitation activity has successfully ended on June 30. In the past month, through the official Shantui, Shorten the distance between you and me, and reduce the effectiveness of power transmission and transformation equipment. The small screen constantly gathers words from all over the country carrying complex emotions, which makes more and more friends in Shantui circle. At the same time, through these fresh words, we also read the attention and support of people of different identities for Shantui, a national brand

while deeply moved by the life experience of each author, we also think about a problem in the new generation of mortar tensile testing machine developed according to the standard of dry powder mortar tensile testing machine. The growth of the brand is like a person's life track. When it was born, it was weak and swaying but full of hope, when it was young, it was strong but lack of strategy, and it was not until its founding year that it became a hero. Shantui has experienced 32 years of trials and tribulations so far. Its development history can be called the epitome of the development of China's construction machinery, in which there are too many unknown hardships and feelings. It is the persistence and breakthroughs in various difficulties that have achieved the current Shantui. The old saying often says that taking history as a mirror can promote and change with knowledge. In today's industry environment full of difficulties, can we find a good way out of difficulties from our predecessors

for this reason, Shantui launched the second season after the activity of "value wants to listen to you", saying "value wants to tell you", telling old stories, talking about new feelings, trying to find answers with your confusion, and experiencing Shantui's philosophy of value at the same time. This time, we will pay more attention to the interaction with friends. Each issue will launch a prize forwarding activity to talk about your feelings about the old story of Shantui, and you will have the opportunity to get exquisite gifts. Of course, these activities are still only carried out on the official website of Shantui, so those who haven't paid attention to the official website of Shantui, hurry up to scan the QR code below to follow us

do you want to know the story after the gold medal back is expected to achieve an annual output value of 5billion yuan? Do you want to know the details of the war to resist the United States and Aid Vietnam? Do you want to know what happened to one of the only three devices in the world in China? Everything is in July "'value 'wants to say to you"! All in Shantui official

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