ICBC officially opened online banking in four citi

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ICBC officially opened Shanghai Bank in four cities today

from ICBC, which has become an effective measure to reduce vehicle emissions and improve combustion efficiency in recent years, in order to adapt to the vigorous development of e-commerce, ICBC officially opened Shanghai Bank in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou today. According to Xinhua news agency, a relevant person from the industrial and Commercial Bank of China said that the industrial and Commercial Bank of China was developed by using Internet technology relying on the internationally advanced "new fund remittance and clearing system". Shanghai Bank, which will be launched today, is a corporate business system, which is applicable to customers of companies, enterprises and administrative institutions, and will be promoted in other cities. The services enjoyed by corporate customers on the bank include: real-time query of account details, clear query of account history, downloading statements, electronic payment instructions, transfer payment, customer certificate loss reporting, etc. A payment system suitable for individual customers will also be launched soon. "Going to the bank" is a new "Trinity" new hard-working bank that takes the bank's computer as the main body, takes the bank's self built communication network or public Internet network as the transmission medium, and takes the unit or personal computer as the input terminal. It will never receive new materials ". Shanghai Bank is more close to users. It provides people with the convenience of using it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users can handle relevant business as long as they type the site address of "network bank" on the computer at home, office or anywhere. China has basically had a network environment suitable for the development of network banks. At present, several commercial banks in China, such as Bank of China and China Construction Bank, have launched Shanghai banking business. According to statistics, 85% of banks in developed countries have or are preparing to carry out banking business. The booming e-commerce will comprehensively transform the traditional banking business model

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