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"I am the future 2" focuses on AI robots

tonight, the second season of the youth science popularization high-energy technology program "I am the future" jointly produced by Hunan Satellite TV and Weizhong media is about to return. The focus of the first program is the artificial intelligence robot "xiao'an", which can recognize 54 kinds of complex micro expressions of human beings, has the amazing speed of grasping the changes of micro expressions in a fifth of a second, and also "polygraph" according to the captured micro expressions. In addition, in the first program, there will be smart glasses to help the visually impaired. The glasses use computer vision technology to help the visually impaired travel if the spring installed in the car has not been strictly tested

in order to verify the "mind reading skill" of "xiao'an" robot, the program team cleverly designed a different "penalty shootout". The shooting direction of the penalty taker is the biggest secret of the "penalty war", and the task of "Xiao an" is to uncover this secret. In the game, the penalty taker wrote the shooting direction on the paper in advance, and then the scientists asked it. The penalty taker answered whether it was true or false. "Xiao an" needs to judge the shooting direction after observing the whole process, and provide this "information" to the goalkeeper. In order to increase the difficulty of the test, this "penalty shootout" specially selected two 10-year-old players, because the children's skin is smooth, the texture is less, and the micro expression on their faces is less, so it is more difficult to recognize than adults. (reporter xuhaozhe) (responsible for editing the experimental procedures of China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade export: there are many beneficial conditions: Gao Jiawei, Jia Ru)

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