I was in the United States this year

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Trinity: this year, I was in the United States

Guide: I joined Trinity United States in early April 2010, feeling that everything is new, and work and life are facing certain challenges. He once wrote in blankness that from China to Africa, he was a beginner to survive; From Africa to the Middle East, understand loneliness; From the Middle East to the United States, I know the difficult words. As the first batch of Sany sent abroad

when I joined Sany America in early April 2010, I felt that everything was new and that my work and life were facing certain challenges. He once wrote the words "from China to Africa, learning to survive; from Africa to the Middle East, understanding loneliness; from the Middle East to the United States, it is not easy to know" in a daze, as a portrayal of the working life of the first batch of Sany financial personnel sent abroad

one of the most impressive things is that on May 16, 2010, I attended the weekly meeting of the United States on May 16 for the first time. The scenes of frantic and stammering at that time still haunt my mind

Xinlun technology said that because it was the first time to face American colleagues and attend an all English meeting, it was unclear what questions and coordination matters leaders and other department managers would raise about the financial report, and it was very worried about whether they could understand English. In anxiety, I sketched countless prologues, but I didn't know how to express them in English. After the report began, I found that my worries had become a reality. I basically didn't understand the report of my American colleague. When it was my turn to report, the originally planned speech became stuttered. In addition, the "Xiang" pronunciation was difficult to change, and the whole pronunciation was vague. At that time, I felt very bad. Especially when the leader asked about the work last week in English, I blushed and embarrassed because I didn't understand it. The leader understood at a glance, immediately changed the topic, and asked another colleague to improve the performance of new rare earth phosphors for materials with extremely high hardness (such as cemented carbide)

at the end of the premiere, I felt terrible. In retrospect, I still have lingering palpitations

there are many wishes for 2011. For individuals: I hope to pass the American CPA exam; For work: I hope to take advantage of the economic recovery in North America to complete the construction of Sany American factory, especially to see the first American product of Sany coming off the assembly line

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