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I fell in love with Valin, so we "got married" - an interview with Valin dealer David DGU in Malaysia

I fell in love with Valin, so we "got married" - an interview with Valin dealer David DGU in Malaysia

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Guide: for many domestic heavy truck manufacturers, the market environment has declined significantly, on the contrary, The export of domestic heavy truck enterprises, especially the self owned brand enterprises that have been seriously affected, is in full swing, and the overseas sales volume shows different growth rates. Judging from the situation this year, Valin heavy trucks are exporting to Malaysia

for many domestic heavy truck manufacturers, the market environment has declined significantly. On the contrary, the exports of domestic heavy truck enterprises, especially the self owned brand enterprises that have been seriously affected by the "disaster", are in full swing, and overseas sales have increased by varying degrees. Judging from the situation this year, Valin heavy trucks have performed well in exporting to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. At the Shanghai BMW exhibition, when Valin Xingma company released the energy-saving and environment-friendly high-power engine, Valin gearbox and Xingma 56 meter boom pump car that took five years to develop, it also invited many foreign dealers, including David DGU, chairman of deauto industries Sdn Bhd company in Malaysia

David DGU, chairman of deauto industries Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as deauto company), first met this very talkative and lovely chairman through the introduction of Liu Cui, deputy director of overseas business department, in front of the Valin star horse exhibition platform of BMW Shanghai. David DGU's Chinese name is Wu Wenwu. He told him that his Chinese was not good, but in the conversation, his Chinese was played incisively and vividly

Malaysia is divided into East Malaysia and West Malaysia. The deauto company of David DGU is in West Malaysia. Their company has been renovating and building cars for more than 30 years, that is, taking back the old heavy trucks from Japan and Australia to test the electromagnetic clutch, carrying out comprehensive reform, replacing all bad parts, and renovating more than 1000 units a year. In fact, his brother was the first to cooperate with Valin. The company was in East Malaysia. His brother and daughter-in-law were from Nanjing. After knowing and understanding Valin, they bought 8 cars and tried them. They worked very well. Since 2010, his brother has been working as a Valin dealer in East Malaysia, and the business is very good. In this year, David DGU also wanted to be a heavy truck agent. At that time, it looked at many brands, and it seemed that it chose Valin. He told: "Whether we sell cars or trucks, we need at least 80 points if the appearance is not 100 points. The appearance of Chinese brands is not very good. I think there are three good ones: beiben, Dongfeng and Valin, but the appearance of Valin's H08 is better and more beautiful. Other trucks look like the style of decades ago, and there are no customers at all. Even if there are customers, those customers are only a small part. What we do is sell to the public Yes, at least a little insight. " Later, I learned that Valin can choose many engines to configure, such as Hino, Weichai, Cummins and Mitsubishi. The most famous engines in Malaysia are Hino and Mitsubishi, both of which are superior and very popular with customers. Because Valin cars can be equipped with Hino and Mitsubishi engines, Valin was finally selected. He smiled and said to him, "it's not so much that I chose Valin as that Valin chose me, so we got married!"

after signing the cooperation agreement with Valin, deauto has no difficulties in the promotion of Valin. There are many local dealers, and they have cooperated with their company for more than 30 years. They have great trust in them. "As long as we say that Valin is good, there must be no problem, they will believe that they will promote with us." David DGU said proudly

no service, absolutely not. Since 2009, Valin has started to implement the "big service model". The dealers are required to understand the relevant service knowledge, and at the same time, the dealers are required to do a good job in the service and prepare the relevant accessories. Sometimes Valin will directly send people to the export place to systematically train the dealer's service team, which saves time. The dealer also sends service personnel to Valin company for on-site training. The same is true of the service mode of cooperation with deauto. In addition to training the service team of dealers, the sales staff of Valin overseas business department will check the email every day and communicate directly with the engineers of deauto company through email. The other party will also put forward some of their suggestions for the solution, and Valin company will adopt good suggestions in time. David DGU told that in December last year, when a car's lifting cylinder broke down, he sent an email to Valin overseas business department. Liu Cui, the Vice Minister of the Department, knew that it would take time to contact the supplier, so he directly transferred the goods from the spare parts warehouse of Valin company to deauto company. Because the cooperation project was to solve the problems of plastic accumulation in the landfill over the years, and solved many problems of customers, the customers were very happy, More trust in Valin. Therefore, David DGU praised the service of Valin car. He said: "the service should be aimed at the requirements of my customers. The higher the customers' requirements are, the higher our requirements for Valin will be. So I also hope that Valin will give me support when I need it like now. It is also a good thing for Valin that we have business. Now we are very satisfied." It is precisely because of the full support of Valin that more than 1000 Valin cars have been sold in two years since the beginning of 2011

during the whole interview, David DGU said several times that he admired liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma group. He had a good vision, saw far and had his own ideas. At the Shanghai BMW exhibition, the high-power engine and gearbox launched by Valin Xingma company brightened David DGU's eyes, saw an enterprise with promising development and unremitting efforts, and had more confidence in Chairman Liu Hanru and the cooperation with Valin

David DGU, a Valin distributor in Malaysia

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