I've been looking forward to raising the export ta

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I have been looking forward to raising the export tax rebate for a long time.

the new export rebate of the six major industries is bound to bring severe and unnecessary waste tax policies. It will be implemented from April 1.

on March 25, Beijing silk Printing Co., Ltd., Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council presided over the executive meeting of the State Council and decided to comprehensively implement the adjustment and revitalization plan of the ten major industries in order to implement the package plan to deal with the international financial crisis and promote economic growth, It is necessary to appropriately increase the export tax rebate rate of some textile and clothing, light industry, steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical and electronic information products. The new export tax rebate policy will be implemented from April 1

while the State Council decided to increase the export tax rebate rate, the State Administration of Taxation decided to simplify the filing management system of tax rebate (Exemption) documents for export goods. From April 1, when applying for tax refund (Exemption) of export goods, export enterprises shall indicate the storage location of the filing documents in the filing document storage column of the catalogue of filing documents for export goods, and there is no need to number and bind the filing documents into a volume

hope can't be too high

it will certainly help exports. I've been looking forward to it for a long time. Gu Xinyi, chairman of the board of directors of bgsd Shanghai derente group, one of China's largest leather exporters, told A3 printing that it was too late for the country to raise the export tax rebate rate for those seasonal export trade products. Gu Xinyi explained that due to the strong RMB and the low export tax rebate rate, the export competitiveness of China's textile enterprises has declined a lot, and many orders have been pocketed by Sri Lanka and other Southeast Asian countries following the advent of the first generation of the new mini in 2001. Now raising the export tax rebate of South China printing can only improve the profitability of those enterprises that have received orders

this year, China's foreign trade exports will fall by more than 40%. Gu Xinyi predicts that the export volume of Shanghai derente group will fall by 20% - 30% this year, and its foreign trade volume will be about 500million yuan. It is understood that in the past, the foreign trade volume of Shanghai derente was usually about 900million yuan

the increase of export tax rebate will not have a great impact on the steel industry. He Rongliang, an iron and steel analyst at the China commercial circulation Productivity Promotion Center, believes that affected by the financial crisis, many countries have begun to implement trade protectionism for their own interests. At this time, China's increase of export tax rebate has improved the competitiveness of enterprises to a certain extent, but we can't expect too much

international demand continues to be weak

we used products from 8 factories last year, and only 3 factories this year. Gu Xinyi revealed that he was still dissatisfied with the capacity needs of the three factories. In addition, there are five families to survive, and the difficulties can be imagined

Gu Xinyi said that the current trade environment for pet printing is too poor, and the survival of enterprises is too difficult

in addition to textiles, the foreign trade volume of steel and petrochemical products is also declining sharply. According to the statistics of China Customs, in February, China's steel export volume was 1.56 million tons of lithographic printers, a year-on-year decrease of 49.8% and a month on month decrease of 18.3%. The cumulative export volume from January to February was 3.47 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 52.1%

a few days ago, CISA predicted that the printing would be fully opened, and the steel export volume would fall by 80% this year, far more than its original prediction of a decline of 50%. Due to the serious contraction of international market demand, China is likely to become a net importer of steel in March. The import price of foreign steel and billet is very low, which further threatens the survival of domestic steel enterprises

due to the sharp reduction in international demand for printing self-adhesive, the international steel price has fallen more than that at home. Chinese enterprises can not solve the dilemma of steel export only by increasing export tax rebate. He Rongliang said that the increase of export tax rebate is only helpful to those steel enterprises that export more steel. For the entire steel industry, Kunming printing cannot solve the problem of actual demand. The first part of this production line from the government level includes the automatic cutting and preform shrinkage of unidirectional reinforcement materials

Gu Xinyi believes that it is good for the state to increase the export tax rebate at present, but the best way to solve the practical problems of enterprises' foreign trade is to devalue the RMB by a large margin. Because the currency value of surrounding countries and regions is depreciating significantly, which directly affects the competitiveness of China's export products. In addition, the state had better return more export taxes levied last year to enterprises in order to further enhance enterprise confidence and accelerate the revitalization of exports

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