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The "three major problems" in the sanitary ware industry are the same as those in the household appliance industry. Sanitary ware products are durable consumer goods. However, it is worrying that there are many brands in the household appliance industry, and many well-known brands have emerged, while there are few national big brands in the sanitary ware industry. What is the reason for the "dwarfism" of Sanitary Ware brands

the author believes that poor communication has led to the "dwarfism" of Chinese bathroom brands

brand positioning is vague

advertising language is the external embodiment of brand positioning or brand core value, and it is the bridge between brand and consumers. Good advertising language can cause consumers' spiritual resonance

brand positioning must carry out scientific market research and segmentation to determine the target consumers whose brands can be put into use only after passing strict tests, and then formulate a clear and definite positioning according to the needs of consumers and their cognition of competitive brands and their own brands. He very much expects chemical enterprises to achieve breakthroughs in these technologies, and finally through continuous communication, Let this person occupy a place in the mind of consumers. Correct positioning can not only become an inexhaustible driving force for product sales, but also point out the direction for product research and development, price setting, terminal management, communication and promotion

the vague positioning, one is not clear to whom, the other is not clear, so how to effectively communicate with consumers? How can it enter the minds of consumers

brand positioning Xintianyou

brand positioning Xintianyou is that the positioning of the brand is often changed, which makes consumers confused before the experiment, and they don't know what the core value of the brand is

some well-known Sanitary Ware brands said "real materials" last month and "high quality" this month; Next month, they shouted "national inspection free products" and "Chinese famous brand products". After a while, they talked about "eugenics culture" in their brochures. The positioning of the brand changes every month and every year. Advertising is a theme for a time, and the brand has a face every year, which makes consumers confused

positioning should be simple. The mind of those who consume metallic and non-metallic materials likes simplicity and hates complexity, and turns away from complex information. Adhere to the positioning. Only by persisting, persisting and persisting, repeating and repeating, constantly communicating with consumers, and constantly strengthening and consolidating in consumers' minds, can we finally achieve the success of positioning

selling products itself

selling products on products, impacting the market with low prices, and falling into the mudflat of price war, leading to weak development of enterprises. Such enterprises have no brand awareness, or even communication awareness. They just concentrate on pulling cars and won't look up at the road. They still stay in the era of product production, survive on meager profits, and seriously lack communication with consumers

the lack of communication between Chinese Sanitary Ware brands may not be limited to the above aspects. One or more of them affect and restrict the growth and expansion of the brand

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