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Lovol heavy industries made a heavy debut in the 124th Canton Fair

on October 15, the 124th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as Canton Fair), known as the "weathervane" of China's foreign trade, kicked off in Pazhou hall, Guangzhou. Lovol heavy industries, with its tractor, rice machine, agricultural machinery and other series of new products, including the recent open casting strengthening technology products, made a heavy debut at this exhibition and actively participated in the international market competition

during the exhibition, visiting customers showed strong interest in various products of Lovol heavy industries, and an endless stream of people came to watch the exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition, Lovol heavy industries received more than 140 interested customers from dozens of countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. The products on display were favored by customers and became one of the most popular booths at the Canton Fair

at this exhibition, Lovol heavy industry exhibited me254, mb504, md1204, p5140 tractors, af88 rice machines, and supporting agricultural machines and tools. The new product portfolio can meet the needs of customers in different regions in the whole process of farming, planting, harvesting, and transportation. It also showed Lovol heavy industry's great achievements in scientific and technological innovation in recent years, fully demonstrating the strength and brand image of Lovol heavy industry

it was seen at the scene that in front of the new apos p5140 tractor booth launched by Lovol heavy to meet the growing demand of the Chinese market, many merchants stopped to visit. Arbos tractor is a power shift tractor product that embodies high-end technology and high performance in Europe. Its fashionable streamlined body appearance, luxurious and exquisite body details, comfortable ergonomics, condenses the new design concept of European designers; The efficient and reliable product performance has received extensive attention from the customers participating in the exhibition and received many high praise

Xie liaosha, a farmer from Australia, said, "I bought two Arbos tractors this spring. They are powerful, fuel-efficient and reliable. I am very satisfied with them. This time I came to Guangzhou, I want to buy three more."

in recent years, Lovol heavy industry has focused on the strategic market and is close to the needs of users. It can automatically calculate the maximum experimental force value, breaking force value and other experimental data. It has built a perfect global marketing and service support network, continuously improved its business model, and provided customers with reliable products and intimate technical service support. Its products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions, and are well received by customers

at this exhibition, Lovol heavy industries continued to use its own advantages to actively explore the international market and achieve new breakthroughs in product sales. The cooperation mode with customers has also constantly broken and innovated two years ago. Among them, different business modes and cooperation modes such as KD assembly and parts shipping have been discussed with domestic and foreign customers in multiple directions, and the potential market opportunities are immeasurable

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