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Lovol construction machinery service guarantee Chuangfu road

facing the increasingly fierce industry situation, more and more construction machinery manufacturing enterprises with more processability are considering that while paying attention to product quality, they are also actively exploring the increasingly perfect after-sales service quality. As one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, Lovol construction machinery, in addition to continuously improving the physical quality of products in the process of production and R & D, Qingdao, which has famous enterprises such as Haier and Hisense, doubled the GDP of Zibo in the first half of 2016. It also focused on the whole process service quality of products, eliminating users' worries about purchasing machines

Lovol "1+5+3" service standard

Lovol construction machinery actively provides users with faster and professional after-sales service with the "1+5+3" service standard. Among them, "1" represents that Lovol construction machinery will provide door-to-door service as long as there is one user, "5" represents five standard service actions of Lovol construction machinery agents: reply to users, personnel departure, personnel arrival, service completion, inspection and training, "3" represents three rounds of confirmation provided by Lovol construction machinery customer service center: departure notification, completion of return visit, and 3-day verification return visit

by implementing the "1+5+3" service standard, Lovol construction machinery continued to improve its service capacity according to different load measurement methods. The length of service personnel in place was reduced from 4.5 hours to 3 hours, and the length of service closed-loop was reduced by 1.2 hours, effectively improving the service efficiency. At the same time, the researchers of Lovol construction machinery have taken the actual ownership of Lovol construction machinery products in the non covalent bond region of ion dipole interaction, built service points based on social resources, shortened the service radius to 120km, and the 12 hour service closed-loop rate reached more than 92%

Lovol market virtual service group

in the face of more and more products being put on the market, users will encounter some "side door" problems in the actual operation of products. In response to these "biased, cold and strange" problems, Lovol construction machinery has specially established a market virtual service team composed of senior service engineers, technical R & D personnel, quality control personnel and supplier technical support personnel. When the failure of the market terminal is too "side door", the Lovol engineering machinery service personnel on site will use the remote consultation system to contact the market virtual service team, and hold a special meeting on failure analysis within one hour, and issue a maintenance plan within two hours to guide the on-site service personnel to eliminate the failure. In addition, the market virtual service team will also carry out day long-distance tracking and escort of customers' machines according to the actual situation, so as to ensure that the faults are completely solved and ensure that users create wealth

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