The hottest Lovol etx966 loader visited Yantai use

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Lovol etx966 loader visits Yantai users and dealers

Lovol etx966 loader visits Yantai users and dealers

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Guide: on February 28, 2011, the first street dance of Lovol ETX series loaders in China kicked off the listing of Lovol ETX series loaders in Jinan. At the press conference, Chu Chenggao, general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry loader division, announced that Lovol's 6-ton high-end product etx966 loader was officially launched nationwide. When

on February 28, 2011, the powerful "China's first street dance of loaders" kicked off the launch of Lovol ETX series loaders in Jinan. At the press conference, Chu Chenggao, general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry loader division, announced that Lovol's 6-ton high-end product etx966 loader was officially launched nationwide. After nearly a year, how is the market performance of this new product? Does the user approve? With these problems, I went to Yantai, Shandong Province recently and visited local dealers and users

Mr. Zhang, general manager of Jinchang quarrying Co., Ltd. in the electronic information and electrical industry, is the first user of Lovol etx966 loader in Yantai. Zhang always has the most say in this product, Water resistance "In the second half of last year, affected by the macroeconomic situation, the situation of the whole building materials market was not very good. To overcome this difficulty, we should try our best to expand the market on the one hand, and on the other hand, we should try every means to improve efficiency and save costs. Especially in the procurement of mechanical equipment, the equipment with high efficiency and low fuel consumption is naturally our first choice. Lovol etx966 loader is very in line with our needs. Last July When Lovol etx966 loader was still in the trial sale stage, we purchased one. After 3 or 4 months of actual use, we found that the efficiency of the 6-ton etx966 loader was at least 60% higher than that of the 5-ton one, and the fuel consumption was not much higher than that of the 5-ton one. The same driver who works under the same working conditions and uses etx966 will earn nearly 1000 yuan more per month than those who use a 5-ton loader. The efficiency of the company has improved and the income of employees has increased. What are we hesitating about such equipment? At the end of that year, we purchased another one. "

president Zhang told that the quarry he operated had been associated with Lovol loaders since its establishment. For five years, all loaders in the company are Lovol brands. The reason why we trust Lovol brand so much is that good products are one aspect, and considerate service is also an important factor to impress president Zhang. "Our quarry is about half an hour away from their sales company. Every time there is something wrong with the equipment, they will come to me within half an hour and help me solve the problem in the shortest time. Such service is not available to everyone." The sales company mentioned by President Zhang is Yantai Youlin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., the agent of Lovol loader in Yantai

according to Mr. Ye, general manager of Yantai Youlin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yantai Youlin"), this product is used in many quarries and port terminals like Jinchang in Yantai. Since the trial sale of the products in April last year, 15 sets have been sold in Yantai alone. The products are favored by end users with the gold medal quality of "more reliable, safer and more comfortable". In order to improve the timeliness of Lovol's service and build Lovol's service brand, Yantai Youlin fully implements Lovol's service concept, and implements six standard service actions, including "reply to repair in 15 minutes, service personnel departure within 1 hour, arrive at the maintenance site within 4 hours, complete routine maintenance items within 24 hours, a comprehensive inspection, and a comprehensive training", which have been widely recognized by users

during the interview, President Ye told such a story. "In our local area, there is a well-known group company that started with medical equipment, and later began to engage in real estate and building materials processing. They used to use loaders of a well-known brand. We have always wanted to change their ideas and promote the products of Foton Lovol heavy industry, but the boss never listened to our suggestions. Once, there was a piece of 5 square meters (equivalent to 16 tons) in their quarry." The boss pointed to the left and right big stuff and said, "otherwise, your equipment will compete with my loader. If you can lift it up, I will buy your loader." At that time, our salesperson did not rush to the battle, but immediately contacted the technicians of Foton Lovol heavy industry headquarters to know whether they could meet the requirements. After being affirmed by the technicians, our salesperson accepted the challenge with confidence. Our Lovol etx966 steadily lifted the 16 ton bulk, while his original 6-ton loader failed to complete the task. " "Since then, the boss has not only purchased our Lovol products, but also become Lovol's' live advertisement ', and will publicize the excellent quality of Lovol products with his peers wherever he goes." President Ye added

in Yantai, there are many users like this. If a new product wants to be recognized by users, it must be strictly tested by the market. On the one hand, the quality of products, stability and handling comfort are also important

at Rushankou wharf, under the leadership of sales manager Mr. Song, I met B. pneumatic resolution: 1/10000 Rushankou wharf loader operator Liu Junyi and monitor Yu Tao. Liu Junyi has operated Lovol etx966 loader for three months. He told him that compared with other loaders, Lovol etx966 seats are more comfortable, the vision of the cab is wider, the internal layout is in line with ergonomic principles, the driving control is very comfortable, and I don't feel tired after driving for a day. Monitor Yu Tao is an old dock worker with 25 years of experience. He told that there are other brands of loaders besides Lovol etx966 loaders in Rushankou dock. In addition to driving comfort, the most prominent feature of Lovol etx966 is good stability. "When loading goods with the same weight and the deepening concept of environmental protection, loaders of other brands tend to shake when turning from high, but Lovol etx966 has never had such a problem since it was used." Monitor Yu told

as a 6-ton high-end product built with European design technology and fine matching design concept, Lovol etx966 loader fully considered the needs of customers and conquered many users with the gold medal quality of "more reliable, safer and more comfortable" as soon as it came out. Through the field investigation in Yantai and the field visit to users, we have a more real and in-depth understanding of the gold medal quality of Lovol etx966 loader. It is believed that with the help of Lovol gold service concept, Lovol etx966 loader will achieve more brilliant sales performance in 2012. We'll see! (Lovol)

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