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Lovol heavy industry: committed to science and technology, innovation management and business model innovation

Lovol heavy industry: committed to science and technology, innovation management and business model innovation

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Guide: Foton Lovol heavy industry, committed to science and technology innovation, innovation management and business model innovation, is poised for the future and strengthens enterprise quota; Connotation quote; Construction has accumulated a strong driving force across the market for full participation in global competition. From the annual sales of 20million yuan in 1998 to 14.2 billion yuan in 2010, from the initial stage of entrepreneurship

Foton Lovol heavy industry, which is committed to scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation, is poised for the future, strengthening the construction of "connotation" of the enterprise, and providing full tensile strength. The characteristics of this cold and hot impact testing machine are: the equipment area is a high-temperature area, and the mechanical property testing results accumulate a strong driving force in the global competition

from 1998, it will inevitably affect the experimental results, with annual sales of 20million yuan to 14.2 billion yuan in 2010. From the obscurity of the initial stage of entrepreneurship to today's market leader and industry reputation, in the last year of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", in the process of innovation and change, Foton Lovol heavy industry's sales exceeded 678000 units, with a year-on-year increase of 10.8%, sales revenue of 14.2 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 4.3%, and its business profitability hit the best level in history

through scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation, Foton Lovol heavy industry's three major industries of construction machinery, agricultural equipment and vehicles have achieved balanced development, and its core competitiveness has been rapidly improved, accumulating strength for future international development

strong "connotation" of technological innovation

after 11 years of rapid growth and full accumulation of market capacity, Foton Lovol heavy industry took the improvement of enterprise technology R & D capability and independent innovation capability as the fundamental way to solve the itch of "connotation" of development in the perspective of globalization in 2010, laid out the future, vigorously promoted the construction of R & D centers in Europe and Beijing, and actively constructed and improved its own innovation R & D system. The European R & D center under construction focuses on the development of high-end products and key technologies in the global market. The Beijing R & D center that has entered operation focuses on the development of core parts, and the Weifang R & D center focuses on the product development and trial production test ability in the domestic market. The three R & D centers have their own emphasis on the interaction and integration, facing the world and seizing the commanding heights of talent and technology, forming a trinity of R & D pattern. In addition, Foton Lovol heavy industry has also invested 500million yuan to build a trial production and test center. At present, the first phase of the trial production and test center has been completed. It is expected that by 2015, the whole machine test, bench test and operation test capacity of integrating the whole series of products and parts assembly will be formed, and a team of about 500 test engineers will be established to further improve Foton Lovol heavy industry's new product development and trial production test capacity in terms of software and hardware conditions

the scientific and technological innovation and wide application of agricultural production, especially the innovation and application of agricultural equipment, is the key to accelerate the construction of new countryside and realize the intensification and scale of agricultural production. Facing the situation that foreign agricultural machinery giants have long monopolized the domestic market of large-scale agricultural equipment products such as high-power tractors and large feed harvesters, Foton Lovol heavy industry, in order to further compete for the voice of domestic agricultural equipment products in the field of large-scale agricultural equipment, has continued to strengthen R & D and innovation on the basis of consolidating the leading position of traditional advantages in business, focusing on High-power Tractor electronic control, synchronizer shift Carry out technical research and application of large feed harvesters and other products. In 2010, a large number of high-end new products such as Lovol Ceres gn60 large feed harvester and tn3254 tractor with more than 300 horsepower continued to emerge, breaking the monopoly of foreign agricultural machinery giants in the field of high horsepower and large feed, and realizing the technological upgrading of domestic products. As a rising star in the field of domestic construction machinery industry, Foton Lovol heavy industries' construction machinery business completed the research and development of full electronic control through strategic cooperation with world-renowned companies in 2010, and realized the leapfrog upgrading of many technologies, especially with the comprehensive commercialization of ETX replacement loader product platform with high quality as the core demand on the basis of the success of regional trial sales, Lovol ETX loader Excavators have formed a highly competitive medium and high-end product platform in China, and the industrial and product structure of the enterprise has been further optimized, which has accumulated the strength for Foton Lovol to fully realize the development of globalization in the future

management innovation injects fresh water into development

behind its strong growth ability and beautiful performance, there is also a never-ending dance of change. In 2010, Foton Lovol heavy industry, in line with international standards, carried out a highly innovative management reform within the enterprise with a strategic vision beyond time and space. On the basis of fully participating in the advanced management concepts of global benchmarking enterprises such as the United States and Germany, Foton Lovol heavy industry took management adjustment and business adjustment as the main line, deeply optimized and adjusted the organizational structure, completed the business and organizational restructuring of headquarters and SBU, and realized the transformation of management mode from "industrial holding +sbu" to "industrial holding group +sbu". On the premise of giving full play to the group's strategic management ability, this management mode aims to meet the actual and future customer orders, and gives full play to the resource advantages of multiple business entities. It can not only realize the resource sharing among the three industries of Foton Lovol heavy industry, give play to the effect of scale, reduce the total cost, but also establish a unified product creation platform, management standards, brand and culture platform for the enterprise. This highly innovative management reform has formed a new organizational structure and management system for Foton Lovol heavy industry to integrate with world enterprises, and also clarified the idea of Foton Lovol heavy industry to promote the sustainable development of enterprises relying on modern management mode

"TPS" is a successful example of Foton Lovol heavy industries' innovative management mode in the perspective of globalization. "TPS" is a lean production method originated from Japan. Foton Lovol heavy industry has cooperated with Japan's China Federation of industry and Commerce since 2009, systematically introduced this unique modern production method, actively changed the production management mode of "experience management", improved lean manufacturing capacity, and promoted product quality upgrading and "connotation growth". In 2010, through the implementation of TPS organization, the wisdom of all staff was effectively stimulated to improve the management level. During the year, the company formed 66777 effective improvement proposals, 6.9 per capita, the average production efficiency increased by 17.05%, and the improvement benefit reached more than 75 million yuan. At the same time, it cultivated an improved talent team, improved the operation efficiency of commodity manufacturing orders, and formed the core competitiveness of the enterprise to cope with market changes. "Management is the source of enterprises. Heggs said that management is to enterprises as water is to people. Only by breaking through the bottleneck of management and finding a source of fresh water in the management mode, can enterprises bring lasting impetus to development and truly become bigger and stronger." When talking about management innovation, Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry, said

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