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Lovol heavy industries makes another profit from the order of 50 loaders in Libya

Lovol heavy industries makes another profit from the order of 50 loaders in Libya

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recently, Lovol heavy industries received good news that the company has obtained another order of 50 Lovol loaders in Libya, which is also the largest mechanical order in the Libyan market this year. All these loaders will be shipped before the end of the month

it is understood that after the war, Libya is in full swing to heal the wounds of the war. Water shares will be equipped with a pair of wings of capital, and the demand for construction machinery is increasing day by day. With excellent performance and strong adaptability to the R & D team, Lovol loaders have made outstanding contributions to the post-war recovery and reconstruction of Libya. They are favored by local users, and the repeat purchase rate has soared

Lovol loaders that are currently being stepped up on the production line

transport vehicles loaded with Lovol loaders are sent to Libya

it is learned from Lovol heavy industries that this batch of orders involves Lovol fl936 and fl956 models, both of which are market tested best-selling models. Advanced finite element analysis and robot welding are used for structural parts to eradicate the problem of weld cracking in the industry; Adopt advanced sealing standards and crimping technology to effectively solve the leakage problem of the industry; Impact resistance, strong torsion resistance, strong and durable, leading the industry standard. After receiving the order, the company quickly organized and held a special scheduling meeting to coordinate the fixture departments of relevant production, packaging and shipping, such as Tianhui and sans, to implement the progress, strictly control the quality, and strive to deliver the best quality products to users as soon as possible

it is worth mentioning that Lovol heavy industries has developed products in line with local characteristics according to different agronomic and climatic characteristics in different regions of the world, and successfully implemented differentiated delivery strategies to make products more grounded in overseas market development. In view of the dry and sandy climate in Libya, Lovol loader is specially equipped with a desert type air filter mechanism and adopts a two-stage wet air filter, which makes the intake air cleaner and further improves the adaptability of the product

Lovol loaders can calmly cope with all kinds of bad working conditions. In addition to its stable and reliable performance and energy-saving efficiency, it has also established the most perfect service system. Overseas service team members have been stationed in the territory for patrol services for many years. In North Africa, it has 2 parts service centers, 37 parts warehouses and 218 parts sales points. The service scale has covered the Middle East and Africa region, eliminating the worries of users, Lovol service has become a "gold signboard", which has won the trust and praise of the majority of users

in recent years, despite the general downturn in the construction machinery industry at home and abroad, Lovol products continue to expand the market. Since 2006, Lovol heavy industries exported the first Lovol loader to Libya to support local urban construction, the company has not only provided customers with excellent products, but also delivered considerate services to customers, winning the trust of the local market, and product sales have increased year by year, At present, Lovol loaders have a market share of more than 40% in Libya. In the future, the company will continue to provide good products and high-quality services to promote the infrastructure construction and social and economic development in Libya

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