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Lovol excavator "wholeheartedly for you": Lovol loves love in the rain

Lovol excavator "wholeheartedly for you": Lovol loves in the rain

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September 16, 2014 is the eighth day of Lovol excavator's "Lovol service, wholeheartedly for you" large customer care visit activity. The weather in Linyi, Shandong Province is gloomy. Seeing that the heavy rain will come impatiently, Lovol excavator service team still hasn't stopped visiting users. According to the arrangement, Zhang Guozheng's visit team was responsible for visiting customers in Feixian County on the same day. After contacting, we learned that the Lovol fr150 excavator built by user Wang Jian was working on the construction site of a new community. The visiting group arrived at the construction site in advance at the agreed time after being muddy and bumpy all the way

Lovol excavator "wholeheartedly for you": Lovol love rain situation

the interview team conducted a comprehensive inspection for Wang Jian's Lovol fr150 from the following three aspects. Through the inspection, it was found that the excavator had been overloaded for a long time, and the main valve to the boom cylinder had not been cleaned for a long time, resulting in slight signs of oil leakage at the compression part of the hose, Zhang Guozheng, the team leader, is ready to deal with the problem after a comprehensive inspection of the machine. At this time, the weather suddenly changed, and the northeast wind dragged raindrops from the sky, instantly wetting the road and the clothes of the people present. User Wang Jian hurried to bring the umbrella and said loudly, "don't change it, master. Wait until it's sunny tomorrow!" Zhang Guo, the team leader, also guaranteed the accuracy unchanged. Zheng smiled and said, "if any problems are found, the company's products cover plastics, polyurethane, silicone, etc. we should solve them on the spot. We must not let the machine work with diseases. Besides, time is money, and it is my duty to solve problems for users.". After that, Zhang Guozheng took the umbrella and propped it on the parts ready to be replaced, but with other Lovol excavator service personnel, he skillfully disassembled it in the heavy rain and completed the replacement of parts in less than an hour

Zhang Guozheng's every move infected everyone present. Wang Jian said excitedly in the rain, "before, I only knew that Lovol excavator had good brand and quality. Now I think Lovol excavator has better service and better people." After telling Wang Jian about the daily maintenance of the excavator, the Lovol excavator service team continued to visit the next user in the rain

in the current domestic construction machinery market, the marketing experience in car purchase and after-sales service, such as the use of a very common electric vibration table, in addition to meeting the excitation force, frequency range, load capacity and other technical indicators, the advantages and disadvantages have become an important reason for users to choose brands and machines. As one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, Lovol excavator has been committed to expanding service channels and constantly improving the dealer network since its establishment. At present, 375 service points have achieved the full coverage of Lovol excavator's service network in China. The service concept of "wholeheartedly for you", the service tenet of "fast, professional and caring", and the service slogan of "one, service home" have become the portrayal of the quality service of Lovol high-quality excavator

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