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Lovol heavy industry is preparing for the reconstruction of the "harvesting tool" in the third autumn.

Lovol heavy industry is preparing for the reconstruction of the "harvesting tool" in the third autumn.

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in recent years, with the advancement of agricultural mechanization, more and more farmers choose to use machine harvesting instead of manual harvesting. According to the statistics of the Ministry of agriculture, the mechanical harvest rate of wheat in 2017 has exceeded 94%, and in the face of the upcoming corn harvest season, How to harvest more efficiently has become the urgent need of every user

in order to meet the needs of users, Lovol heavy industries adjusted the product structure. Through field investigation and analysis of users' operating conditions, Lovol Gushen cp4b corn machine developed a five line 650mm model - Lovol Gushen cp5b corn machine

Lovol heavy industry is preparing for the reconstruction of the "harvesting tool" in the third autumn.

it is obvious that the most obvious difference between Lovol Ceres cp5b and Lovol Ceres cp4b is that Lovol Ceres cp5b has an additional row of ear plucking devices than Lovol Ceres cp4b. Don't underestimate the gap in this row, and the harvesting efficiency is fully improved by 25%. If necessary, no thickener is needed. At the same time, the working width of the ear plucking device is only increased by 300mm, and its trafficability is hardly affected. In addition, in order to ensure the sufficiency of straw returning to the field, the working width of the straw returning machine has also been increased from the original 2500mm to 3050mm, and the transmission of the returning machine adopts double-sided transmission, which effectively reduces the load of the transmission shaft, eliminates the hidden danger of the transmission shaft damage of the returning machine, and improves the reliability of the returning effect

if you have doubts about the peeling effect of Lovol Ceres cp5b, I tell you that such doubts are completely unnecessary. Lovol Ceres cp5b adds two groups of peeling rollers on the original basis, making peeling more efficient and reliable. The width of his "esophagus" ---- elevator was increased from 725mm to 825mm, which increased the smoothness of corn cob ear transmission, and its "stomach" ---- the volume of ear box was also increased from 3.5m3 to 3.8m3, which increased the time of sustainable work. In addition, the unloading height of Lovol Ceres cp5b has also been increased from 2100mm to 2500mm, so that it can unload grain for transfer vehicles with higher breast board height. Don't think that if the unloading height is higher, the size of Lovol Ceres cp5b will grow. Later, through the control of its loading rate, the software will realize the "meeting" between the road and the bridge. In fact, its size has not increased compared with Lovol Ceres cp4b, which is still 3900mm

compared with Lovol Ceres cp4b corn machine, the engine power of Lovol Ceres cp5b corn machine has been increased from the original 129kw to 140kW, and the power is more powerful and unambiguous. In addition, its intermediate shaft input belt has also been changed from the original Tego Gli to expand the landing effect of China Construction Bank's debt to equity swap for Angang Group and the directional additional issuance of listed company Angang shares de a116 3hb2620 meeting the requirements of various laws and regulations to 4hb2620, that is, a slot is added on the right side of the pulley on the basis of the original transmission, making the transmission more reliable. Its hydraulic system has also been optimized accordingly, and the working pressure has been increased, making the lifting and lowering of the ear picking table more flexible. In general, Lovol Ceres cp5b corn has stronger power and more reliable transmission, and is fully qualified for the task of harvesting five rows of corn at a time. (this article is from Lovol)

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