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Beijing plans to eliminate all high polluting enterprises within five years. 14 industries with high pollution, high energy consumption and high water consumption, such as small steel, small cement and mining, will be eliminated from Beijing within three to five years. Whether AK or China's plastic machinery enterprise market will be more open to CVN, the impact values measured under specific conditions will all be withdrawn from Beijing within the year. The "Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry promotion" is not a mere formality for politicians to perform on the stage. The news was announced at the Beijing industrial economic situation analysis meeting held in the first half of the year recently. This year, the first batch of 22 enterprises involving seven industries will be eliminated, and the government will give each enterprise a subsidy of no less than 1million yuan

according to Li Ping, director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry promotion, the "opinions of Beijing on accelerating the withdrawal of industrial enterprises with high pollution, high energy consumption and high water consumption" (Exposure Draft) has been prepared, and 14 disadvantaged industries will gradually withdraw from Beijing. They are small steel, small cement, small papermaking, small chemical industry, small thermal power, small casting, small electroplating, flat glass, printing and dyeing, tanning, non-ferrous smelting, coking, chlor alkali and mining. At present, there are still hundreds of these three high-tech enterprises in Beijing, and some enterprises also support the main local taxes and labor employment

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