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Huasan: strictly prevent campus "haze". Beiyou staged a "peak duel"

the ivory tower is also hidden surging

for teachers and students in Colleges and universities, whether in the real capital or in the virtual network, it is difficult. The haze in Beijing is seriously harmful to health, but life should continue. The number of folk prescriptions in all directions is soaring, and the campus should be launched to help prevent haze. There are ways to prevent and cure haze in the real world, but how to prevent and control the miasma in the virtual world

as an official window connecting schools and society, the University station has gradually changed from an early information release and display platform to a comprehensive business platform integrating enrollment and employment, distance education, achievement sharing, bidding and procurement and other functions. However, while vigorously carrying out the business construction of University stations, colleges and universities face safety problems in portal stations. 6. Power supply: 220V 50Hz 150W; Hidden dangers are also increasing. Security incidents such as station hanging, page tampering and information leakage are on the rise year by year. Education stations have gradually become the focus of hackers. 2. Innovative resources and innovative power are very dispersed targets. In the 12 months from April 2014 to March 2015, there were 3495 effective university stations' vulnerabilities displayed on the sky filling platform, involving 1088 University stations, of which high-risk vulnerabilities accounted for 74.7%. The fragility of the campus is painful to see

on January 13, 2016, H3C and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications jointly held the 2016 Beijing Education Station Safety Symposium on new campus, new security and new value. More than 40 information leaders and experts from more than 30 universities in Beijing gathered at Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications to discuss the safety of Campus stations, which indicates that the giants in the industry are working together to give campus stations a new baptism and a comprehensive prevention and control

"malicious as felt on the spot"

at the seminar site, with the help of the security attack and defense platform of H3C communication, the participating teachers turned into super hackers, and used the simulation station environment to truly experience the operation of stealing account passwords by using station vulnerabilities, and fully felt the severe situation faced by the current station security and the malice brought by the world

in the face of such attacks, the relative maturity of the Internet, the campus is still slightly immature, and most of the malicious attacks are still lack of skills to implement, so many schools can only sigh helplessly

however, what is the reason why the Education station has become a testing ground for hackers? At the seminar, we investigated the root causes and analyzed the main disadvantages of the campus:

1 The demand is scattered, the number of youcanyouup stations is large, and the construction is decentralized

the station construction of many colleges and universities is not carried out uniformly by the schools, but by each college itself, and the number is large, and many external station information centers are lack of supervision

2. Maintenance is difficult, nocanno beep safety manpower is few, maintenance is missing

the safety operation and maintenance personnel of each college or secondary department are relatively few, and the station lacks effective management and maintenance

the criticism of campus station security is almost an epitome of common Internet problems. As a network solution expert, how can H3C sit idly by! In view of the above two difficulties, H3C met the difficulties and gave a confident and unambiguous plan at the meeting:

1 Doctors are kind-hearted, and Xinglin chunnuan has established a unified monitoring platform for the station

to see a doctor, first take a pulse, conduct an overall examination, and understand the source of the disease, said He Ping, an expert on information security of H3C communication at the meeting. Huasan communication cloud security monitoring center has built-in the industry's most authoritative Web vulnerability scanning engine, which can carry out in-depth scanning of the whole school station, so as to achieve accurate vulnerability identification, horse monitoring, tampering, sensitive information early warning and station availability monitoring, so that the station threat is clear at a glance. With the quick sighted and even the geographical differences of the distribution types, it is more obvious that cloud security can intercept malicious attacks to the earliest and minimize losses

after seeing a doctor, it is required that Fang Huasan communication cloud security monitoring center can give professional analysis and reinforcement suggestions for station problems, help CIO make security decisions, issue rectification opinions, and control risks. As a solution provider, H3C has the benevolence of free doctors, and the spring warmth of Xinglin, preventing the possible risks faced by university campuses to a manageable level, and reducing the existing threats to a manageable level

2. Silver needle skillful hand, suit the remedy to the case, create a three-dimensional protection system for the station

when the prescription comes to hand, it is necessary to suit the remedy to the case. The security is never achieved by a single product that can rotate and rub against each other to increase easily. It is necessary to build a symptomatic safety system. H3C suggests that in addition to deploying traditional next-generation firewalls and IPS to ensure the security of L2-L7 layers, web application protection is also required. H3C web application firewall adopts the industry's first dual engine architecture, innovatively uses transparent proxy mode to realize the complete restoration of HTTP protocol, and cooperates with H3C page tamper proof software to ensure the security of the station to the greatest extent. At the same time, the database audit system is deployed to improve the deep-seated data protection. Every loophole faced by these campuses is every pinch of acupoints. To make up for loopholes and improve security, only by strengthening precise protection can we be happy and content

3. The decentralized construction of stations as mentioned above has brought the problems of lack of supervision and difficult operation and maintenance. How can we solve them? The mode of cloud computing provides a new idea for the construction of University stations. Secondary colleges are no longer decentralized, self collecting, self building, and self-defense. Instead, by renting the IT resources of the campus cloud to build the station, the CIO can carry out centralized security protection for the station cluster in the cloud center. The cloud security solution of H3C can realize the security isolation of north-south traffic between different tenants and the flexible protection of east-west traffic under the same tenant. The program serves Nankai University, Zhongnan University of economics and law and other universities. The same prescription cures the same disease, and the expert of the scheme, Huasan communication, can provide cloud security services for college campuses, and is determined to take all school security as its own responsibility

the topic of campus security will not disappear at any time. The construction of campus information security is a heavy and long-term task, and station security is only the tip of the iceberg. As a disaster area of campus information security, to make up this short board not only needs the support of security technology and the improvement of management system, but also needs colleges and universities to improve their awareness of security protection

in today's Internet era, the security situation is volatile. Against the background of increasingly complex security threats in the education industry, H3C has also followed the pace of the times and released the world's first security integrated delivery platform, Tianji system, which aims to dynamically reconstruct the security system, and practice the concept of China's three major security through the most cloud wide security capabilities, the most detailed compliance assessment capabilities, and the strongest security management and control capabilities, Be ready to serve thousands of educational customers at any time

it's a long way to go, and I will make three vows to search up and down.

during the Jiaxu period, the Internet became popular. After more than 20 years, the wind of world wide spread, and the campus was full of smoke. College portal stations are all mixed with hidden dangers of security. Unscrupulous people may secretly generate security rights and wrongs by hanging horses and tampering, stirring up information leakage and provoking rumors from all sides. In troubled times, there are many disturbances. By the end of the second half of the year, H3C had developed its own style and opened a new territory. With Beijing post, it invited more than 40 experts and leaders from more than 30 colleges and universities in the capital to discuss the security of the University. Abandon the tedious, focus on the key points, swear to clean up the campus, and do away with the cross-border turbidity

Jihua San communications and Beiyou successfully held the

2016 Education Station Safety Symposium

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