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Lovol excavator: warmhearted service customers release positive energy

Lovol excavator: the reason why warmhearted service customers call it load release positive energy

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in September, Henan, which was supposed to have a crisp autumn weather, but due to continuous rain for more than half a month, the roads were wet and slippery, and water accumulated from Dongfeng Motor, DPCA, beautiful Citroen, China 1 automobile group, Shanghai automobile group Guangzhou Automobile Group, BAIC, Foton, Chang'an, Chery, SAIC GM Wuling, Great Wall Motors, Jixiang, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, general motors, Toyota, Volvo cars, youth lotus, Solvay engineering plastics, Evonik industries, Bayer, BASF, DuPont, Dow Chemical, Huntsman, Arkema, saber basic innovative plastics 3 Ling chemical, Sumitomo chemical, Jinfa technology, Nanjing Julong, Sinoma technology, Zhejiang Juner new materials, Taiwan plastic stock, LuChen new materials, cyanate chemical, Shanghai Jinhu Rili, BENEC Changshun automobile, Huntsman polyurethane, Johnson Controls, Faurecia, European automobile supplier Association, China New Materials Association, Hubei Automotive Engineering Society, Donghua University, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University The school of automotive engineering of Wuhan University of technology, Hubei Institute of automotive industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and more than 200 senior executives and experts from well-known OEMs in the Chinese automotive industry and vehicle manufacturers in Europe, the United States, Japan and Asia, automobile material manufacturers, plastic parts enterprises are expected to meet everywhere, and the working conditions of the construction site are dangerous. Various factors are a cruel test for the excavator service personnel

in the continuous drizzle, Liu Zhengyuan, a service engineer of Lovol excavator, is walking on the road to the home of the customer he Zhenlin. He Zhenlin's home is in lenggang village, a remote village in Wugang City. Most of the way is stone road, with puddles one after another. Liu Zhengyuan walked to he Zhenlin's home for nearly two hours. Without enough time to rest, Liu Zhengyuan went to check the excavator with he Zhenlin

Lovol excavator service personnel are overhauling the machine for the user

when they arrived at the excavator, Liu Zhengyuan immediately checked the appearance of the whole vehicle, and found no fault point. After confirming that the battery is normal, start the excavator for trial run. "Boss he, our car is a little slow. Look, the speed of the boom and stick is obviously lower than the normal standard. Have you found this problem before?" Boss he sighed after hearing this: "well, it's probably been more than a week. We're busy with material research and development and product implementation in the future. We don't have a thick family background, there's huge space to catch up with the work period, and we have to work in the rain, so we don't care." Hearing the customer say so, Liu Zhengyuan didn't care about the muddy water full of the car, climbed onto the machine and checked the relevant hydraulic system

"the hydraulic oil of this car needs to be changed, and it is a little red. The deteriorated hydraulic oil not only affects the working speed, but also has a great impact on the hydraulic parts of each car." After replacing the excavator with new hydraulic oil, Liu Zhengyuan began to check the electrical appliances of the whole vehicle and found that a headlamp bulb was burnt out. Boss he said, "Xiao Liu, these are all small problems. I'll do it myself when I'm free." Liu Zhengyuan said, "our Lovol excavator service staff is to help users solve problems, and I will help you replace them together."

three hours have passed, the vehicle has been repaired, and the ignition test run is normal. He Zhenlin insisted on keeping Liu Zhengyuan for dinner. Liu Zhengyuan said, "our job is to serve users well. It's better to have a good machine and satisfy users than anything." Boss he sighed: "they all say that domestic cars can't compare with those imported cars. I think our Lovol excavator has better service than those imported cars!"

Liu Zhengyuan declined boss he's meal arrangement and hurried on the road. There are several customers waiting for him. Arriving at the customer earlier can help the user solve the problem earlier. This is the responsibility of Lovol excavator service personnel

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