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Lovol excavator: achieve brand, win service

win more users with high-quality service, achieve excellent products, and let customers rest assured that we can rest assured, which has become the consensus of today's construction machinery enterprises. As one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, Lovol excavator has been recognized by the market and users with its high-quality service

with the idea of exploring the truth, I dialed the Henan Service Department of Lovol excavator. The operation was cumbersome and safe. After a simple communication, I came to the Henan Service Department of Lovol excavator on August 14, just in time for the launch ceremony of "Lovol service · wholeheartedly for you" 2014 value customer visit. At the ceremony, the service department organized customer visit training and participated in the training meeting as an observer. At the training site, the service personnel were all dressed in Lovol excavator overalls, and all of them were energetic. According to the customer visit of Lovol excavator, Henan region of Lovol excavator has organized seven service visit teams to comprehensively improve customer satisfaction through user visits, mechanical maintenance and other measures

ask Zhao Lianggang, director of Henan Service Department of Lovol excavator: "how does Lovol excavator achieve high-quality service?" "Now the operation of construction machinery is simple and convenient. Entering the post market era, Lovol excavator finds problems in after-sales service, improves service work through thinking innovation, and strives to win with service to promote the sales and promotion of Lovol excavator in the market."

according to the introduction, in the service work in 2013, Lovol excavator has formulated a new service policy around "Lovol service · wholeheartedly for you". For different types of users, it has formulated a series of service plans in detail, such as the warranty service policy, the hourly new machine service plan, the special service plan for key customers, the special service plan for new models, and the new user service plan, The customer satisfaction of Lovol excavator has been comprehensively improved, and the repeated purchase rate of the market has been greatly increased. Its classification standard is that the original GB8624 ⑵ 006 inspection is judged as grade A1 and A2, corresponding to non combustible grade A; The original GB8624 (2) 006 was tested and judged as grade B and grade C corresponding to grade B1, which was inflammable; According to the original GB8624 (2) 006 inspection, the corresponding level of D and E is combustible B2; According to the original GB8624 (2) 006 test, the corresponding level between level D and level E is level B3 climb

according to Zhou Mingfang, deputy general manager of Lovol excavator, Lovol excavator will organize national agents to compete and train in service skills every year, so as to improve the business level of Lovol excavator service personnel and establish its own brand with users' reputation

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