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Featured modern furniture fornasarig, an Italian imported furniture brand

what is modern style furniture? The antonym of modern is ancient. The style will change with the changes of the times, and the furniture will change slowly with the passage of time. The current popular elements combined with fashion, lively and trendy are the direction of modern furniture, and there are also some evidences on the material. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you a furniture with modern characteristics - fornasari furniture

fornasari in Italy is a company operated by four generations of families. Since 1878, fornasarig has started the production of seats with the longest history in the world

they produce and design all kinds of contemporary and innovative seats to adapt to various environments, and are committed to people's aesthetic appreciation of design. Products available to: hotels, restaurants, bars, conference rooms, conference rooms, universities, banks, cruise ships, lounges, waiting rooms

designed by different famous designers from all over the world, the "characteristic symbol" of their series is modernization

the materials they use are: wood, metal and interior decoration

all their products are 100% made in Italy. All of these design, engineering and testing contracts have a ten-year warranty

there are many characteristics of modern style furniture. In fact, Mediterranean style is also a kind of modern style furniture. Its characteristic is to pay attention to the collocation of space in combination, choose natural and soft tones in color, make full use of every inch of space in the home, and integrate decoration and application





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