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The color of plain curtains is relatively single, giving people a sense of low-key luxury. Different home decoration styles with plain curtains can create different home decoration effects and atmosphere

plain curtains have a single color, giving people a low-key and luxurious feeling. Different home decoration styles with plain curtains can create different home decoration effects and atmosphere. Curtains play a very important decorative role in our home, adding a beautiful scenery to our home. If you want to easily decorate your home, you must not ignore the choice of curtains. So, how to choose the right plain curtains? Where are plain curtains suitable

how to choose plain curtains

first, design style

everyone must know that the curtain has a very rich design in style, so it provides many consumers with more choices, and each style design is inextricably linked to the interior design style

therefore, the choice of curtains, design style is the first requirement, that is to say, all factors of curtains, first of all, should be matched with the indoor style. At this point, you need to consult the interior designer in order to adapt the curtain design to the interior design style

second, function needs

on the other hand, we need to make a decision after considering clearly, that is, we can choose the thickness of curtain fabric. Generally speaking, there are two ways to choose. First, use thick fabrics, and then make a layer of tulle curtain inside at the same time. Then the specific scheme needs to be considered according to the actual situation. For example, some design styles do not allow the existence of tulle curtain

there are many kinds of fabrics to choose as curtains. Briefly introduce the performance characteristics of fabrics: light, thin, transparent or translucent fabrics include cotton, polyester cotton blend, glass yarn, fine mesh, lace and Bari yarn. Medium thickness opaque fabrics, such as fancy weave cotton, nylon and blended fabrics, loose mesh, smooth fabric, antique satin, silk and corrugated silk, etc

where curtains are suitable

I. household curtains

bedroom: fabric curtains should be used, with shading cloth and window screens. The style is simple, and finished curtains can be selected for smaller windows

living room: the large-area living room adopts floor cloth curtains, sand matching does not need shading cloth, and the style can be equipped with curtains. The small-area living room uses opaque roller blinds, cloth shutters, day and night curtains, etc

children's room: curtains or cloth shutters should be made of brightly colored fabrics with lively patterns, or printed roller blinds can be used

Balcony: the best choice for the closed balcony is the sun shutter, which is shading and breathable, and does not occupy space when filtering ultraviolet rays. If the balcony is connected with the bedroom, a fabric curtain will be installed to suit the use of sleep at night

restaurant: the restaurant is not a private space. If it is not exposed to the sun, a layer of gauze is generally enough. Window screens, printed roller blinds, and Sunblinds are all good choices

study: the study can choose natural and unique wooden shutter, sound insulation curtain or plain color roller shutter

bathroom and kitchen: waterproof, oil-proof and easy to clean curtains should be selected, generally aluminum shutters or printed roller blinds

second, hotels and office buildings

for some places with high traffic or workplaces, the curtains used are different from those in homes, such as hotels and office buildings. Generally, it is more suitable for decorative fabrics with generous patterns, such as straight lines, clean color fabrics, etc. the style is as simple as possible to meet the aesthetic requirements of the public. Office building is an office place, which is not a secret place. In addition to general curtains, vertical curtains and sun rolling curtains can also be used. In the lobby, bar and restaurant of the hotel, many shutters or curtains are used with curtains, while in the guest room, warm and elegant decorative cloth is used, or AB cloth is used as curtains, bedspreads and soft bags, so that guests feel at home




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