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Activated carbon bag is a kind of carbon, since it is carbon, it will catch fire. Activated carbon is listed in the list of dangerous chemicals, which belongs to spontaneous combustion and combustible. Flaming combustion will not occur after fire, but smoldering. The activated carbon bag will spontaneously ignite and may catch fire in the air. It can be mixed with gasoline, diesel, etc. and cause combustion

activated carbon bag has a good effect on formaldehyde removal. It is processed and manufactured through a series of processes such as crushing, screening, catalyst activation, rinsing, drying and screening of raw materials through physical and chemical methods. The function of activated carbon bag is mainly used to adsorb formaldehyde and other harmful gases, filter out insoluble substances, and adsorb some soluble substances. Next, I will introduce how to use activated carbon bags and how to choose activated carbon bags

how to use the activated carbon bag

1. Clean and remove the dust before use, otherwise these black dust may temporarily affect the cleanliness of water quality. However, it is recommended not to wash directly with fresh tap water, because once the porous activated carbon absorbs a large amount of chlorine and bleaching powder in tap water, it will damage the water quality when it is later placed in the filter for use

2. It is impossible to clean the sundries blocked in the pores of activated carbon by simple cleaning at ordinary times. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the activated carbon regularly to avoid “ Adsorption saturation ” And lose efficacy. It is better not to replace it after it fails, so as to ensure that the activated carbon can continuously remove the harmful substances in the aquarium water quality. It is recommended to replace the activated carbon 1-2 times a month

3. The efficiency of activated carbon in treating water quality is related to its treatment dosage, usually “ The effect of treating water quality with more dosage is also relatively good &rdquo

4. After the quantitative activated carbon package is used, the change of water quality should be often observed at the initial stage of use, and the observation results should be paid attention to as the judgment basis for how long the activated carbon fails and is replaced

5. When using the medicine for treating fish diseases, the activated carbon should be taken out temporarily and the use should be suspended. In order to avoid drugs being adsorbed by activated carbon and reduce the therapeutic effect

selection method of activated carbon bag

1. Look at the density of activated carbon

the more pores of activated carbon, the higher the adsorption performance, the looser the activated carbon, the lower the relative density, the lighter the hand feel, and the larger the volume in the case of equal weight packaging. It is recommended to buy activated carbon products with small density, light feel and large weight and volume

2. Look at the size of activated carbon particles

the smaller the activated carbon particles are, the larger the air contact area is, the larger the specific surface area is, and the better the adsorption performance is. However, the smaller the particles are, the greater the loss in the crushing process is, the more dust is, and the higher the cost is. Therefore, many manufacturers use large particle activated carbon to reduce costs. Of course, the performance is not good. Generally, activated carbon with a particle size of about 0.5mm achieves the best performance, And ensure that it is not powder and there is no pollution. It is recommended to choose activated carbon products with particle diameter between 0.42-0.85 mm

3. Look at the composition of activated carbon

activated carbon adsorbs harmful gases by pore size. The molecular weight of different harmful gases is different, and the particle size is also different. The gap of activated carbon must be between 0.45-2 nm to adsorb toxic gases such as formaldehyde. Internationally, coconut shell carbon is the preferred activated carbon for adsorbing pollution such as odor and benzene, and gas-phase microporous activated carbon is the most ideal formaldehyde adsorption carbon. It is suggested to choose a comprehensive adsorption product made of coconut shell activated carbon and gas-phase microporous activated carbon. Coconut shell is not necessarily the best, which should match the aperture of harmful gas molecules

4. Look at the enterprise

Professional activated carbon production enterprises. The manufacturer produces directly, and the technical quality is excellent, the cost is not high, and the cost performance is good. Most of the manufacturers of low-quality activated carbon in the market are trading companies, and more importantly, the building materials city produces activated carbon. These brand manufacturers have no production capacity at all, let alone product standards and enterprise standards, and the quality can be imagined. It is suggested to choose products produced by professional activated carbon manufacturers

5. Look at the outer packaging

the outer packaging of activated carbon must be sealed, otherwise it will be invalid if it is exposed to air for a long time at the point of sale, and it will be invalid before it is used. It is recommended to choose products with completely sealed outer packaging

6. Look at bubbles

put a small handful of activated carbon into water. Due to the small water molecules, water will gradually immerse in the pore structure of activated carbon, forcing the air in the pores to be discharged, resulting in a series of extremely small bubbles. A small bubble line will be pulled out in the water, and a faint bubble sound will be emitted at the same time. The phenomenon of activated carbon with better performance is more and more intense. The longer it takes

7. Look at the ingredients

inferior products on the market. Take more samples of industrial cylindrical coal activated carbon, or large particle shell carbon with particle diameter greater than 2mm, or granular bamboo charcoal. These are not civil vapor phase adsorption activated carbon. It is recommended to choose small particles (particle diameter is about 0.5mm) professional vapor phase adsorption coconut shell carbon and spherical microporous activated carbon

8. See whether it is carbonized material

carbonized material is carbon that only goes through the carbonization process without the activation process, not real activated carbon, and the activation process is the most important process of manufacturing pore structure in the activated carbon manufacturing process, and the carbonized material without this process has almost no adsorption performance. The carbonized material has no activation and pore forming process, so its surface is cleaner than activated carbon, and its color is white, with a slight metallic luster. It feels harder than activated carbon, and its weight is also much heavier. The unactivated coconut shell carbon is only about 2.5 yuan per kilogram, which is the motivation to sell low adsorption activated carbon as high adsorption activated carbon in the market. It is suggested to choose the real activated carbon produced by regular manufacturers rather than the fake and inferior products of trading companies

editor's summary: This is the introduction about how to use activated carbon bags and how to choose activated carbon bags. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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