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Three skills for maintenance of electric water boiler

electric water boiler is designed to adapt to the drinking water demand environment of all kinds of people. It uses electric energy to convert into heat energy to heat boiled water. It is suitable for enterprises, hotels, troops, stations, airports, factories, hospitals, schools and other public places. Compared with traditional boilers, it has the advantages of safety, low noise and no pollution, and the supply of boiled water can be provided at any time regardless of time

the best quality electric water heater will be scrapped in advance if it is not maintained. Maintenance is to make the service life of the water heater longer and use it more healthily and safely, including two aspects: on the one hand, ensure the safe use of the electric water heater, and on the other hand, ensure the safe use of drinking water. Le Wang hotel supplies will explain to you the maintenance skills of the water heater:

maintenance skills 1: the environment for installing the electric water heater

1. The installation environment should be a dry and ventilated place where water and sunlight cannot be directly contacted

2. Reliable floor drain shall be provided indoors to facilitate drainage

3. The power supply must have reliable grounding or anti leakage protection device

so its mechanical performance is stronger than that of other recycled materials. Maintenance skills 2: precautions for the use of electric water heaters

1. Pay attention to the external cleanliness of electric water heaters, and regularly check the aging of wires

2. Supplement the pressure immediately if necessary; Only charge nitrogen into the accumulator; When the outlet water temperature is relatively high, pay attention to scalding

3. Do not share sockets with other electrical appliances

4. Do not use when the power cord and socket do not match

5. The power cord shall not be bent or pulled forcefully, because there is a strain gauge stuck on the surface of the elastic element to avoid damage and fire

maintenance skill 3: correct cleaning

1, chemical rational method

the scale of the electric water heater is deposited on the heater and the inner wall. During electric water cleaning, do not use strong acid such as hydrochloric acid. Do not use chemicals that are toxic to human body. Instead, use solid pickling descaling agents. The chemicals can reflect the shape of particles. The abrasive agents have strong corrosion inhibition. During cleaning, they are not corrosive to the equipment, safe and dangerous to the construction personnel, During cleaning, the agent is directly added into the electric water heater to dissolve evenly. It can be soaked in warm water below 60 ℃ for about 2 hours. 1kg of agent can remove 1kg of scale. After cleaning, it can be washed repeatedly with clean water

2. Mechanical cleaning: after disassembling the machine, use a screwdriver and other tools to clean it directly

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