Three realms of the hottest product appearance des

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The three realms of product appearance design

now the market has changed. It is different from the past, and the change is too fast. It is too late to collect information, and it is even out of date just after the collection. Consumers' consumption behavior is becoming more and more elusive. The past method of relying solely on the personal taste of designers has gone forever. Designers must collect relevant information as much as possible according to the actual situation of their own groups and other manufacturers, the design status of domestic and foreign markets, and the consumer behavior. After thinking and sorting, they can predict the development direction of design in the next two years and integrate it into their own design, Make good designs that consumers like and maintain the consistent style that they will continue to strongly support. Science and technology are changing with each passing day, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and product renewal is accelerating abnormally. It is very important to predict the development trend in the next two years. Of course, it is great wisdom to predict the design development trend in the next five years or more, but human ability is limited after all, so the timeliness and accuracy of prediction are limited. It is valuable to accurately predict the design development trend in the next two years. With this direction, it is also the premise and basis for good design. Only after the designer designs the product can he really know whether it is popular in the market, but the market requires that the product is popular before production, otherwise it will waste human, financial and material resources. This shows how important it is to predict the design development trend in the next two years

before starting to design, designers must carefully investigate, pay close attention to market changes, think carefully, predict the future development trend, truly put people first, and make the designed products accepted by the company and the society

it is not enough for you to design a product and be accepted by the company and the society, Other designs have to be made successfully "In the automotive industry, we should unify the shapes of the products. By using the impression of unified shapes, consumers can identify the manufacturer of the product at a glance, so as to improve the competitiveness of the product in the market. At this time, the product itself has the role of publicity. We can make full use of the unified characteristics of each product to drive sales and expand the market. For customers in this second country, you can rest assured to use our products.

in the mature commodity market, design The mission of the division is how to improve the added value of products through design, and often give consumers new surprises. At this time, what is highlighted is not the function of the product, but the value of the design. In a mature market, commodities are bought by consumers with information that conforms to the popular trend. The price is low and there is no economic constraint, which turns the purchase into a preference. Grasping these two points, our task is to define the design features of the planned product, formulate the appeal points to be expressed by the product and the market positioning, so as to ultimately produce huge economic and social benefits for the product, rapidly enhance the intangible value, and maximize the market and market share. This is the highest realm of design

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