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Three reasons for the continuous rise of coal prices

Abstract: in the process of coal de capacity, it is important to coordinate with stable supply, promote the balance of market supply and demand, and prevent abnormal fluctuations in market prices

since June, coal prices have continued to rise, and the share prices of coal listed companies have increased significantly. According to the data released by China Coal Industry Association, on July 7, China's coal price index (National composite index) was 154.2, up 0.1 points from the previous period (June 23), up 35.3 points year-on-year. So why did coal prices continue to rise

first of all, the demand for coal has entered the peak season, and the price rises with the market

at the end of June, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice pointing out that it is necessary to strengthen the connection between coal production and transportation, ensure the stable supply of power coal in key areas during key periods, and ensure the basic demand for coal for power generation in summer. The national development and Reform Commission stressed that large coal enterprises should play an exemplary role, actively tap the potential to increase production, focus on "zombie enterprises" to reduce the withdrawal of production coal mines, improve coal storage facilities, and improve the coal storage capacity of society and power plants

it can be seen from these requirements of the national development and Reform Commission that there is a certain pressure on the current coal supply. With the strong demand, the moderate rise of coal price is in line with the market law

Ensure that the selected samples are not inconsistent with the standard samples

secondly, after the coal capacity of some "zombie enterprises" is removed, the capacity release of high-quality enterprises needs 2.1 types: it takes a certain time to complete. This time difference also contributed to the rise in coal prices

on february6,2016, the State Council issued the opinions on resolving excess capacity in the coal industry to achieve poverty relief and development, which proposed that starting from 2016, it would take three to five years to withdraw about 500million tons of coal production capacity and safely and reliably reduce and restructure about 500million tons during operation. In 2016, the coal production capacity was 290million tons, exceeding the annual target. This year, the goal of reducing coal production capacity is more than 150million tons. Meng Wei, spokesman of the national development and Reform Commission, previously said that by the end of May, the country had withdrawn about 97million tons of coal production capacity

after these coal production capacities are removed, higher requirements are put forward for the capacity release and transportation of high-quality enterprises. Only when the production and transportation of coal need to be coordinated among the three parties, can the coal price be in a relatively stable state. If one party fails to connect, it will lead to fluctuations in coal prices

third, the steady and positive economic operation makes the coal demand strong

since the second quarter, the power generation, power consumption, freight volume, import and export and enterprise benefits have continued to improve in the first quarter. At present, China is still dominated by thermal power, and the increase of power generation will naturally increase the demand for coal. According to the latest data released by the SASAC, in the first half of this year, the power generation of central power enterprises increased by 4.4% year-on-year, and the power sales of power enterprises increased by 6.7% year-on-year; The raw coal output of coal enterprises increased by 9.1% year-on-year, and the sales volume of commercial coal increased by 16.6% year-on-year. This set of data specifically shows the relationship between coal, electricity and economic operation: the stable and positive economy drives the main low emission gas of coal, electricity, steel, chemical industry, etc., and can provide reliable waterproof in the use of narrow frames - ensuring that when high-performance waterproof is required, the output of coal consuming products increases rapidly, and the consumption of coal and carbon increases significantly, thus promoting the rise of coal prices

finally, coal de capacity is an established goal and will not be shaken by its price fluctuations. In the process of coal capacity removal, it is important to coordinate with stable supply, promote the balance between supply and demand in the market, and prevent abnormal fluctuations in market prices. The main measures include increasing the supply of high-quality production capacity, increasing the coordination and guarantee of transportation capacity, etc., and stabilizing the fluctuation of coal prices by guiding market expectations

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