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Three secrets of the growth of GUPT tire against the trend

although the sales volume of Chinese tire enterprises generally declined and the profit margin declined in 2012, the sales volume of GUPT tire nearly doubled against the trend, becoming one of the leading enterprises in the market segment, and the profit margin of its Shandong plant leaped to the top five in the industry. Cao Kechang, global vice president and President of the Asia Pacific region of Cooper Tire, has a winning secret of "stability, accuracy and ruthlessness". His goal is very specific. "The DNA amp subversive design of Brooks levitate running shoes is aimed at those markets with sustained high growth potential, such as the off-road tire market and the light truck supporting market in the second and third tier cities. Caokechang said:" we like picky automobile factory customers and consumers. Because this will help us grow. "

: since 2011, Chinese tire enterprises have fallen into the dilemma of both output and profit. Why did GUPT tire show high growth and high profit instead? The profit margin of Shandong Chengshan factory ranks at least among the top five in the industry, and the production capacity is almost full

caokechang: the tire industry has the characteristics of "three high and one low", that is, high technology content, high capital, high labor force and low profit margin. In the past few years, we have effectively controlled the cost by pressing the "start" button of the governor through process transformation. First, quality control. On the one hand, it ensures the interests of consumers, on the other hand, it leads to the reduction of waste materials and production costs; Second, the diversification of sales channels or markets will not be dragged down by single market fluctuations. In addition to sales in China, a considerable part of the tires are exported to more than 100 countries such as the United States and Europe; Third, the product development speed is fast, and it can quickly develop and produce new products according to market demand, so as to seize market opportunities in time. Although we came to the Chinese market late, we soon realized that with the rapid growth of cars, the demand for both car tires and truck tires has changed rapidly. In addition, from the perspective of market strategy, GUPT tire has been committed to the tire retail market. Therefore, compared with some brands dominated by OE (complete vehicle supporting), GUPT tire is less affected by market fluctuations

: GUPT is one of the few tire enterprises to set up R & D centers in China. What achievements have been made so far

caokechang: in May, 2008, with the establishment of the Asia Pacific headquarters of GUPT tire in Shanghai, the newly established GUPT Asia Pacific Technology R & D center also settled in Shanghai, which is the third largest R & D center of GUPT after the U.S. headquarters and Europe. It is mainly responsible for product development and technical support in the Asia Pacific region. Its functions will first be based on local R & D, including tire certification, R & D, new material formula and tire testing, This greatly shortens the research and development time of new products and ensures that the products are suitable for the needs of the Chinese market. According to the Convention, the foreign R & D takes 2 to 3 years, while the domestic R & D only takes about 5 months

the urban SUV tire of GUPT discover HTS, which is currently sold on the market, is developed based on China's urban highways. It has good silence, wet braking and strong turning control

: the brand positioning of GUPT tire is changing, from "replacement tire expert" to "global off-road tire master". What is the reason for this decision

continue this kind of operation

caokechang: in the past, we used the global unified brand positioning. Now, "global off-road tire master" is an extension of our original brand positioning after in-depth study of the Chinese market, so as to better adapt to the needs of Chinese consumers and be more easily identified

because our advantage lies in off-road tires, China's SUV market is the fastest growing market in recent years. Since 2006, China has sold about 6million SUVs, which is expected to maintain a high-speed growth in the future. Therefore, we hope to take off-road tires as the starting point, then go to urban SUVs, expand with this product line as the core, and enter the supporting market. This is a good way to improve our popularity. We have launched stmaxx, STT, at3 and other off-road tires for the Chinese market, which are welcomed by domestic off-road enthusiasts

: at present, what is the proportion of domestic and export sales of solid platinum tires in China? What are the future goals

caokechang: the annual production capacity of GUPT in China is about 16, and the enterprise potential is 500000, including 11million car tires, 4million truck tires and about 1.5 million bias tires. The overall production capacity accounts for about 20% of the global production capacity of GUPT. About 80% of the domestically produced tyres are exported

in the future, China will become the world's largest tire market, and GUPT hopes to expand tire sales in China. It is estimated that the market share will increase fourfold within five years

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