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The "three questions" of the most stringent new toy regulations in history

the "three questions" of the most stringent new toy regulations in history

September 8, 2011

[China paint information] recently, Yiwu toy manufacturers have discussed the most topics, which are the two newly implemented new European and American toy safety policies - the new European Union toy safety directive and the new American toy safety regulations. As there are almost strict requirements for imported toys and children's products, the two policies are called "the most stringent new regulations in history" by the industry

where are the two regulations "strict"? What impact do they have on the toy export of Yiwu? On September 7, the new newspaper invited experts from Yiwu entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Yiwu toy industry association and some toy enterprise representatives to interpret the new regulations on toys in Europe and America

where is the "strictness" of the new regulations

the new EU toy safety directive and the new US toy safety regulations have officially entered into force on July 20 and August 14, respectively. Where is the strictness of these two new toy regulations, which are known as the strictest in the history of Europe and the United States

"these two toy regulations are almost harsh." Lizhangxin, President of Yiwu toy industry association, participated in the East China toy safety directive exchange meeting held by the European Union in Xiaoshan earlier. He said that for the new directive, there is an extreme saying in the industry to explain the strictness of the regulations - "only by producing and transporting under vacuum can the European and American standards be met". This seems too absolute, but compared with previous standards, the new regulations on toys in Europe and America are indeed unprecedented

specifically, the new EU Toy Safety Directive requires that all toys entering the EU market must be attached with the CE mark, and manufacturers must carry out "safety and compliance assessment" before obtaining the mark. The directive also has stricter requirements on the performance of toy production materials. The restrictions on specific heavy metals have been increased from 8 to 19. It notes for the first time that 66 kinds of allergic fragrances are prohibited to be added to children's toys, and expresses great concern about 15 kinds of phthalates widely used in toy production; The new toy safety rules of the United States require that the upper limit of lead content in children's products exported to the United States be reduced from 300ppm to 100ppm. The previous lead content standard was 600ppm in February 2009 and 300ppm in August 2009

in addition, in the aspects of raw material procurement, process design, production process, warehousing, management, etc., the enterprises have put forward higher and more refined requirements for toys, plus the fact that the three economies, Europe, America and Japan, which occupy the vast majority of China's export markets, do not recognize China's market economy status. Production is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results

it is worth noting that the new regulations on toy safety in the United States not only apply to children's toy products, but also have the same restrictive effect on other children's products, such as children's jewelry and children's clothing

what is the impact on toy dealers?

Yiwu's export toys are mostly plastic toys and plush toys. After the implementation of the new regulations on toys in Europe and the United States, some adverse effects are emerging

"during this period, some old customers have clearly requested to change the contract, and hope that the enterprise can provide the test report and change the product packaging." Wugongxu, head of Yiwu Geruite Toys Co., Ltd., said that in actual transactions, many customers have changed some contract terms according to the requirements of the new deal

before the implementation of the new regulations, a batch of Yiwu toys to be exported were tested, and the cost was about 1000 yuan. However, after the new European and American regulations came into effect, the testing fee rose to about 15000 yuan

"for export enterprises, this is not a small cost expenditure." Zhang Tao, director of the inspection and Quarantine Department of Yiwu entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, introduced that after adding a variety of substances prohibited or restricted by the new regulations, export enterprises must complete at least two aspects of testing: the prohibited substances do not contain substances and the restricted substances do not exceed the standard. For example, some products to be exported may not contain specified substances and it is strictly prohibited to add substances. However, in order to prove to customers, enterprises also need to do corresponding tests, which will naturally increase the cost

Li Zhangxin said that it is not easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve their goals in one step. In order to adapt to the new regulations, the cost of personnel training, experimental equipment and other aspects of enterprises began to increase significantly. At the same time, he believes that the standard of any product must be higher and higher, which is also an opportunity for enterprises to transform

how to deal with trade barriers

how should Yiwu toy enterprises deal with new regulations and barriers? It is reported that in the past two years, Yiwu toy industry has chosen to transform into a domestic enterprise. In addition to the successful excavation of domestic market demand, the reason may also be related to the new regulations on toys in Europe and the United States

"diversified development of new markets is an effective way to avoid trade barriers." Wugongxu said that before the promulgation of the above new regulations, the domestic and foreign trade ratio of his enterprise was 7:3. Now this ratio has changed to 5:5, and the proportion of domestic sales is still increasing

it is learned that the new regulations mention that they are highly concerned that the machining allowance can be appropriately reduced according to the agreement between the two sides. 15 kinds of phthalates widely used in toy production are highly concerned. Phthalates are plasticizers. The new regulations for toys in Europe and the United States require that imported products should not contain or only add a very small amount of phthalates. According to toy merchants in Yiwu market, most toy enterprises in Yiwu have found a new plasticizer alternative product, and the origin of this new chemical material is in Lanxi

Zhang Tao also gave his suggestions on how to deal with the most severe new toy policy in history

in his opinion, first of all, production-oriented toy enterprises should be familiar with the changes and updates of European and American safety standards as soon as possible, and adjust the production process and raw material procurement channels according to the new standards

in the training, in addition to requiring quality inspectors to understand the standards, marketing personnel and management personnel should be familiar with the laws and regulations

secondly, enterprises should improve their testing ability. If they are unable to perform testing, they can properly cooperate with third-party testing institutions to improve product quality

third, adjust the product structure and market layout. Enterprises should focus on emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia and India to make up for the losses in the European and American markets

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