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Three principles of it planning six points for attention three principles of it planning. There are also some important principles that can determine the success or failure of it planning

I. The company should realize that an efficient and powerful it plan should help the company realize its business development plan, and provide it support to all key departments of the company to improve operational efficiency

II. During the formulation of it planning, it is better to get the support of the senior management when there are changes. In addition to CIO, there must be a powerful senior executive to guide it planning how to coordinate with the promotion of the company's business development plan, and he supports those changes. Because he has established a good relationship with other high-level personnel, he can persuade other high-level personnel to support him. In addition, you should also be prepared to deal with the inevitable negative resistance and the resistance made by some people for the established interests

III. when the company changes its important business plans, it must develop a communicable process and channel for some businesses and the needs for it systems to adapt to the changing operating pressure. The important thing is to provide the participants of these business changes with a way to feed back to the IT planning and development team, so that they can feel that the IT planning really exists to better assist and improve the company's business operation

effective IT planning helps to quickly adapt to the changing business environment and focus on improving it measures to support business development plans. Only when the company's business development plan is realized, the IT planning of assistance will be crucial and worthy of the company's attention. Now let's mainly introduce the factors that determine the performance and accuracy of the electronic universal testing machine

it planning six notes

first, the IT planning must cooperate with the realization of the business plan, and be forward-looking and operable. Business plan is a plan formulated by the company for medium and long-term development. The company's business plan provides a basic framework for the formulation of it planning, and provides guidance for the selection of it planning objectives and solutions. Therefore, the senior management of the enterprise must follow up the formulation of it planning from beginning to end according to the company's revenue plan and target profit until the end of it planning, rather than just it personnel controlling the IT planning process

II. In the whole process, it objectives and expense budgets should be broken down layer by layer, so that it objectives correspond to corresponding expenses and resources. This means that the total target cost budget of each year in the next few years is divided into several independent IT planning cost categories, so as to avoid the lack of resource guarantee and out of control budget in the subsequent implementation. For example, Xing'an company divides the overall it expenditure target into three budget categories: it system R & D, it system operation and it infrastructure; Then, the R & D costs are subdivided into specific project costs

III. The IT planning should clarify the technical status and direction, ensure the loose coupling between the business model and the IT system to a certain extent, and make the IT system support the change and adjustment of the business model for a long time

to analyze and evaluate the current situation of an enterprise, we should start from two aspects: the current situation of business capability and the current situation of it capability. Business capability analysis is to analyze the operation mode of various business activities of the enterprise, reveal the gap between the current situation and the vision that the accuracy of the enterprise's power value can also reach about 0.5%, and determine the key issues. It capability status analysis is to diagnose the current status of enterprise informatization, including the status of basic network, database and application system, analyze the adaptability of IT system to the future development of the enterprise, and give it capability evaluation. On the other hand, it focuses on helping automobile manufacturers develop and test the latest technologies and materials, and must consider "planning redundancy" in the planning content. The so-called "planning redundancy" means that we should fully consider all aspects of the future, especially resource constraints, external changes, etc., make a variety of schemes under different circumstances, and select the scheme according to the actual situation during implementation. Of course, these schemes have different priorities

IV. select appropriate IT project progress and scope according to specific business needs. Instead of using a general method to formulate it project progress and plan, the appropriate planning process should be determined according to the specific conditions of the industry, company, corporate culture, etc. When determining the time range of the plan, it is necessary to consider not only the business development plan cycle of the company, but also the time required for the company to master new technologies and processes. For example, Xing'an company made many trade-offs and changes according to the continuous development of technology during the implementation of it projects. In this case, setting the planning time range to be more flexible can help enterprises clearly predict future resource demand

v. set conditions for updating it planning. It planning is a process of continuous adjustment and improvement. Business is constantly changing and technology is also constantly developing. As an it plan integrating it and business, it needs to be constantly adjusted and changed from the service body. It is necessary to clarify what happens or what boundaries are broken, and the company will be more flexible and proactive in modifying it planning. In addition, it project managers should be authorized to make small-scale adjustments to the allocation of resources

VI. analyze the implementation risks of it planning, and point out how to avoid various risks and improve the success guarantee of it planning. In it planning, there are various predictable and unexpected risks, which will affect the successful implementation of it planning. (end)

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