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The current situation of Dun packaging condiment market, which needs to be developed urgently, can be described as intense and hot. This paper discusses the development of Dun packaging condiment market from the perspective of packaging

the current situation of condiment market can be described as fierce and hot. Fierce refers to the fierce competition among enterprises, including the competition of new product development, product packaging, market share and advertising. Hot mainly refers to the hot consumption of condiments by consumers, especially those condiments with exquisite packaging and appropriate weight, which are more favored by well-off consumers. It should be said that the prosperity of condiment market also shows that Cathay Pacific is safe and the people live and work in peace and contentment. However, in the face of such a hot market, some enterprises are always complaining about the unfairness of the market or the lack of opportunities, and do not analyze from the depths of the market, which makes some close opportunities easy to pass away and lose one after another opportunities to develop the market. The development of condiment market is mainly considered from the renewal of products, and there are two aspects of renewal, one is the renewal of condiments themselves and the development of new products, and the other is the renewal of flavor packaging of Diao 98.07. In terms of market practice, the latter has a greater chance of success than the former. Therefore, this paper only talks about the development of Dun packaging condiment market from the perspective of packaging

what is a packaged condiment

I haven't seen any reports before. This article defines it here reluctantly as follows: a small package of seasoning, which is only enough for a person or a family of three to eat for a meal. The concept of portion here is not easy to grasp. It not only involves the size of people's meals and the number of people, but also different condiments should have different amounts. Is there a market for packaged condiments? When people's living standard was still in the stage of food and clothing, the answer was no, because people were not able to pay attention to condiments at that time. But today, when people's living standards have been greatly improved, dun packaging condiments can not only stand in the condiment market, but also have a broad future, which can be seen from the following aspects

the improvement of people's quality of life requires packaging condiments

the richness and diversity of food provide people with a variety of choices in their diet. At the same time, people are increasingly picky about the choice of condiments. In order to cater to this part of consumers, new condiments continue to emerge, giving people a sense of dizzying. It should be said that enterprises have used their brains in this regard. On the premise of meeting the needs of consumers, they also hope to make their enterprises occupy a place in the condiment market, but there are some deficiencies in how to adapt to the market. People need a tasting link from seeing a new condiment to fully accepting it. At present, the packaging of condiments can not meet people's taste requirements, because most of these condiments are packaged in large quantities. When buying a bottle to taste, it will bring trouble when the taste is not good. The food is tasteless, but it's a pity to abandon it, so they lose their desire to buy other new condiments. For example, most of the glass bottles of spicy sauce are packed with more than 200g, and the price is more than 5 yuan. If the taste is not ideal after buying back, then this bottle of spicy sauce - accelerating the construction of the innovation system of the whole industry will have to be discarded. I have several bottles of similar condiments discarded in the refrigerator. If businesses can design the packaging of condiments from the standpoint of consumers, considering the need for a rare stable situation in Turkish politics due to the first taste, they will innovate in the packaging of condiments and fill the gap in the market of packaged condiments

families need to pack condiments

at present, the majority of urban families are small families with three people, and this family type will be maintained for a long time. Even in the vast rural areas of our country, the family type also tends to develop in a small direction. Therefore, how to serve the family of three well and meet their increasing living standards should be a matter of close concern to enterprises. Developing packaged condiments suitable for the needs of families to meet the condiment needs of these families for a meal, so that they do not have to spend too much money, do not waste condiments, and can meet the requirements of tasting new condiments from time to time, which will undoubtedly bring great benefits to enterprises

the tourism industry needs to pack condiments

as a major aspect of the tertiary industry, tourism is increasingly showing vitality. As a major project in the tourism industry, food has received special attention from tourists and relevant enterprises. This can be seen from many luxury hotels and restaurants built around the country. When staying in hotels, there are always disposable soaps, toothpaste, bath liquids, etc. these disposable items not only bring convenience to tourists, but also health and safety to tourists. However, in restaurants, such convenience and hygiene are still blank, and there are few packaged condiments for tourists to enjoy alone. Tourists come from all directions, and different flavors need different condiments. If you can taste the condiments of your hometown in a different place, it will make some tourists feel homesick. And a hotel is difficult to meet the needs of tourists from all directions for a wide range of condiments in their hometown. One of the best ways is for tourists to bring their own condiments, and tourists can't bring their own condiments in large bottles and bags. Only condiments packaged in tons will be favored by tourists. Therefore, if condiment enterprises can seize this tourism market gap and produce a variety of packaged condiments, they will be welcomed by consumers. If the characteristics of the hotel can be publicized on the packaging of Dun packaged condiments, it will also be welcomed by hotel enterprises

restaurants need to pack condiments

the hygiene of small restaurants and large food stalls has always been a difficult problem in the catering industry, because when people eat in small restaurants and large food stalls, they are not only worried about the bowls and chopsticks they provide, but also have doubts about the condiments they provide, for fear of infecting diseases. The condiments provided by some restaurants have been exposed for a long time, which are not only polluted by mosquitoes and flies, but also infringed by rats. Therefore, some consumers often bring their own bowls and chopsticks and condiments when they have to go out to eat. Although it is inconvenient to carry out travel, they have to do so for their own health. If you can have a meal of packaged condiments, I believe they will be welcomed by these consumers. The condiments provided by small restaurants and large stalls not only have health problems, but also have serious quality problems, mainly fake and shoddy. In order to reduce costs and obtain maximum benefits, some illegal owners only blindly purchase condiments at low prices. As a result, most of the purchased condiments are "high-quality" soy sauce made of salt and pigment, rice vinegar processed with vinegar essence mixed with tap water, and even industrial salt filled with edible salt, which makes consumers not only dare to enjoy the "high-quality" condiments provided by these owners, but also sound haunted. As for condiments, local consumers can generally distinguish the authenticity of local products, but they can't do anything about foreign products. Therefore, the development of packaged condiments not only meets people's special hobby of condiments when eating outside, but also effectively prevents the proliferation of fake and shoddy products

Dun packaged condiments are micro packaged condiments. They not only have strict requirements on the quantity of packaging, but also have certain requirements on the decoration and convenience of packaging, so as to meet the needs of all aspects of the market to the greatest extent

the condiments packed in Dun should be beautifully decorated and in various forms

in recent years, the miniaturization of condiment packaging has made the condiment market extremely hot, and most of the hot condiments are concentrated in the small packaging with beautiful packaging. Although some small packaging condiments with simple packaging are cheap, consumers' recognition of them is only limited to the general quality, so few people pay attention to them. Inspired by this, dun packaging condiments should not take the road of simple micro packaging and low-cost selling, but should take the modern marketing road of moderate price and beautiful packaging. The forms of packaging should also be diverse. For the same condiment, there can be several different packaging methods to stimulate consumers' enthusiasm. For example, spicy sauce can be blended into seven different flavors of packaged spicy sauce, and different decoration forms can meet the requirements of consumers to change their tastes every day within a week

the seasoning packed in ton should be easy to open and carry

convenient eating is a basic requirement for packaged condiments. Only when it is convenient for consumers, can it arouse consumers' desire to buy again. For example, if the convenience of opening of consumers can be fully considered in the packaging process of instant noodles seasoning package, then easily tearing gaps will be processed at the edge of the packaging film, so as to prevent consumers from looking for scissors or biting the opening with their teeth, otherwise they will lose some consumers due to the small trouble of opening. Repacking of packaged condiments is also a problem that can not be ignored. It usually takes a long time to travel. If you carry a lot of packaged condiments instead of a piece of packaged condiments, it will also bring inconvenience to tourists. Therefore, under the condition of basic packaging, packaged condiments should be repackaged in a group of 35 pieces, so as to facilitate tourists to carry

the market development of Dun packaging condiments involves not only condiment production enterprises, but also packaging enterprises, packaging machinery, packaging technology, packaging printing and other enterprises. Therefore, the development of Dun packaging condiments market is a systematic project, which requires everyone's efforts and cooperation. Influenced by the development of Dun packaging condiment market, in fact, the packaging material market has also been launched. The packaging machinery market is responsible for the stripping experiment and packaging printing of most markets with a force measuring range of about 5 ⑵ 00gf. It can be said that the development of Dun packaging condiment market is the development of a leading product. All relevant enterprises should pay attention to the trend of this market and actively participate in the development of this market, To promote the sustained and rapid development of the domestic condiment market

source: China Packaging Gou Xinjian, Wu Longqi

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