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Packaging design needs promote the innovation and upgrading of packaging machinery

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core tip: whether it is people or food, the first thing that attracts customers' attention must be appearance. In a batch of similar food packaging, the unique will always attract people's attention

[China Packaging News] whether it's people or food, the first thing that attracts customers' attention must be appearance. In a batch of similar food packaging, the unique will always attract people's attention

some time ago, a billboard in Canada attracted people's attention. It is located on the road to Whistler, a Canadian ski resort. It is an outdoor billboard made by McDonald's: a cup of ordinary coffee, with the height of the milk bubble marked on it - but this is not the height of the milk bubble, but is synchronized in real time according to the snowfall data at that time. You will see that 25 cm of snow is cappuccino, 5 cm is latte, no snow is American, as if it opened the weather forecast of the food world

seeing such a novel billboard, many people should be attracted and go to McDonald's to try these drinks. Similarly, as a food packaging that attracts customers with its appearance, in a sense, it is also a small advertisement of food

as we all know, only by being unique and different from others can we instantly catch the attention of consumers. Only when consumers notice the existence of this product can they arouse their desire to buy. In terms of food packaging, only packaging materials and packaging design can be unique and innovative

packaging materials keep up with social needs

in terms of packaging materials, there are already paper, bamboo, metal, ceramics, plastics, rubber, natural fiber, chemical fiber, glass and other products, and recently, several new packaging materials have been developed and innovated

German scientists have successfully developed antibacterial plastic food packaging with medical expertise, which is suitable for the packaging of liquid drinks such as milk. In fact, it uses coating technology to coat a layer of antiseptic and antibacterial materials on the plastic packaging film, replacing the preservatives added in food. This kind of coating can be realized by composite resin and other materials and special technologies based on 57% in the United States and 32% in Japan

recently, researchers at the National University of Singapore used grapefruit seed extract to strengthen the natural chitosan composite membrane, and successfully developed an environmental friendly food packaging material without chemical additives. This new food packaging material can slow down the growth of fungi and double the shelf life of perishable foods such as bread

IKEA, Sweden, recently revealed that it plans to use an environmentally friendly packaging material made of fungi as raw materials to replace the plastic packaging widely used now. This new packaging material is easier to degrade, and its main component is mycelium, which is rich in fiber

packaging materials continue to innovate, which is more in line with the social pursuit of environmental protection and food safety, and passed the TS16949 quality system certification in the automotive industry in 2017. Naturally, packaging materials with more environmental protection or better preservation will be warmly pursued by the market and more concerned by consumers


packaging design is more people-oriented

in addition to attracting consumers' attention by the nature of packaging materials, packaging design is also an important factor. Moreover, unlike packaging materials, which also have other functions, packaging design exists to attract the attention of potential consumers and then persuade them to spend money on products. What kind of packaging design is closer to the new needs and expectations of customers

1. Convey information concisely and clearly

there must be many people who like simple packaging. When we talk about such packaging design, we often say that such design abandons miscellaneous and invalid information, looks exquisite, pure, and easy to be unique and eye-catching

2. Softer

soft bags are light in texture, easy to carry, and have good sealing performance. Some of them can be re sealed after opening. These advantages mean that they are easy to transport, better preserve and protect products in the eyes of brands and manufacturers. Moreover, flexible packaging is easy to adjust to various shapes, sizes and shapes. It is not difficult to add zippers, bottle caps and handles on it. Therefore, it has more functions and is suitable for different products

3. More changes in size

because consumers' lifestyles are constantly changing, their demand for product size is becoming increasingly rich. Take young office workers in cities as an example. They live alone or rent with oneortwo people, so it is more suitable to buy small quantities of food

4. Digital printing may explode. With the increasing requirements of power batteries for energy density and performance, the biggest difference between digital printing and traditional printing is that the latter is plate printing, which prints millions of copies based on templates; Digital printing uses a printer to print digital images directly, without constantly changing the printing plate. That is to say, if you use digital printing to print labels or packages of goods, you will need less time, appear in the market in a faster time, and it is easier to customize products. For example, in 2013, Coca Cola launched a series of nickname bottles, which left a deep impression on many people

5. In the mobile environment, there will be more interactive ways

the world is becoming more and more intelligent, and so is packaging design, such as the existence of two-dimensional codes on packaging. Apple recently launched applepay, which uses near field communication (NFC) technology. As long as NFC chip is built in, data transmission and information exchange can be carried out between two points in close distance without connection


in short, if packaging design wants to stimulate consumers' desire to buy, it needs to meet their needs

now the food packaging on the market seems to be different, but in fact it is the same. In order to succeed and occupy a place in the minds of consumers, the innovation of food packaging is urgently needed. However, whether jg/158 (2) 004 rubber powder polystyrene particle external wall external insulation system is the update of food packaging materials or the change of packaging design requirements, it will promote the innovation and upgrading of packaging machinery

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