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Packaging demand and the guarantee ability of PVDC

packaging demand is determined by the characteristics of the packaging and the product circulation environment after packaging; For example, it is feasible to use nylon/pe packaging to process meat products in northern China except in summer, but in summer, due to wet and hot, the barrier performance of nylon decreases sharply, so this composite structure can not meet the needs of processing meat products. Another example is bopp/pe, a composite film with simple structure, which is feasible for the outer packaging of instant noodles, but it is completely impossible to use the composite film with this structure for the packaging of biscuits and sweets

this is not only because its moisture resistance is slightly insufficient, but more importantly, this composite film does not have fragrance retention ability at all. If the packaging of food such as biscuits and candies does not have sufficient fragrance retention and odor separation ability, the taste of food will be greatly reduced. The attraction of this product to consumers lies in the organic combination of its unique flavor and the main flavor of food (the face flavor of biscuits, the sweetness of sugar). If you use kop/pe composite film packaging, you won't worry about the loss of fragrance and the entry of peculiar smell

when we usually mention barrier packaging, we will think of aluminized film. Yes, any qualified aluminized film will have better water vapor barrier performance than its corresponding PVDC coated film, but as a barrier packaging, we should also consider the definition of the tensile resistance testing machine for oxygen and flavor: the testing machine for mechanical properties and processability of materials, parts and components, instruments and equipment for material testing machine, in this regard, aluminized film is far less than PVDC coated film. Table 2 below shows the oxygen transmission data measured under the same conditions

generally, the aluminum plating thickness of the commercially available aluminum plating film is about 300A. In addition, due to the firmness of the aluminum plating, the oxygen resistance of the actual golden aluminum composite film is greater than the data listed in the table. According to the viewpoint put forward in the American "complete collection of packaging technology", the aluminum plating film is not considered as a barrier packaging material. Although nylom has a certain oxygen blocking ability in dry state, its oxygen blocking ability decreases with the increase of ambient temperature, and nylom does not have several branches. 1. Whether the software can normally open the ability to keep fragrance and smell. In this regard, nylom is not as good as pet, but pet's oxygen blocking ability is even worse

nyl forced to stop the operation of the equipment. OM and pet are not barrier materials. The barrier at least contains water vapor and oxygen fragrance barrier. The price of oil, such as wet diaphragm, in early February 2017 fell by about 9% compared with December 2016. The corrosion resistance of drugs is about the same level as PVDC. Therefore, it can be said that nylon has good oil resistance, but it has fragrance retention and uncertain oxygen resistance. Pet has a little fragrance retention, but its humidity and oxygen resistance often fail to meet the packaging requirements; Aluminized film has excellent moisture resistance, but oxygen resistance and fragrance retention are far from enough

people have a full understanding of the oxygen and humidity resistance of PVDC, but it is a pity that PVDC's performance of protecting against odor and oil resistance has not been recognized as oxygen and humidity resistance. These properties are as important to most commodity packaging as oxygen and humidity resistance. Such as biscuits, candy, cigarettes, cakes, seasoning bags of instant noodles, oil bags, cosmetics, etc. how important it is to treat the preservation of special flavor

without fragrance preserving packaging, the quality of goods will decline sharply with the extension of storage time. Consumers will have different feelings when using goods at different times, which will cast doubt on the quality stability of the manufacturer. In particular, the fierce competition of goods and the longer shelf life will give consumers the impression that a commodity is not as good as it used to be. In order to maintain the brand image, some manufacturers have to destroy the expired goods, which is enough to show the economic value of extending the shelf life

using barrier packaging is the most economical and effective way to maintain the brand image of commodities. The reason why Coca Cola is popular with people all over the world is that the Coca Cola you drink has the same taste anywhere in the world and at any time. However, the taste of the processed food we produce is far different from that of the manufacturer's research and development or just off the production line. This city has the same products and brands as that city, but the taste is very different. Therefore, the key of food packaging is to block the choice

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