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Packaging design concept calls for return

packaging is the last procedure to transform products into commodities and be sold. It is the design of the structure and appearance of the product container and its packaging, so that it has a shell consistent with its content during transportation and sales, with a complete and moving image, and the purpose is to meet people's needs. The mediocre design makes the goods dim, while the excellent packaging makes the goods radiant, improves the added value, and stimulates consumers' desire to buy. It is a silent advertisement with obvious promotional effect. The ultimate goal is to influence the concept and behavior of consumers, establish a brand image, and win the victory of marketing strategy. Products need packaging, enterprises need packaging, and even people need packaging, so the word packaging has a broader meaning. It makes products perfect. It is the embodiment of perfection. It also begins to take on the color of utilitarianism at the same time, so it begins to become less real. In the initial sense, packaging should first provide protective functions for products in the production field, then provide convenience functions for products in the circulation field, and finally provide sales functions for products in the sales field. The ancients used bamboo, wood and clay as containers for storing goods, which is also the original packaging. In modern commercial society, competition is increasingly fierce, and packaging has to play such an important functional role, so both manufacturers and businesses attach great importance to packaging image, and packaging designers also have the opportunity to show their strength. With the continuous change of materials and the continuous updating of technology, packaging design has made great progress. But in fact, if you analyze it carefully, you will find how extravagant the existing packaging is in terms of materials and circulation methods. When products become commodities and supplies appear in front of consumers, too much waste has been generated, and no kind of packaging can escape the fate of becoming waste. Some people advocate the practice of no packaging, but this will bring many problems to commodity circulation. Escape is not the way. As a packaging designer and producer, should we all think about why packaging design? Let's go back to the origin of protective function. The main function of packaging is to protect commodities. In order to expand a broader future market, the second is to beautify commodities and convey information. Therefore, the choice of packaging materials is an important step directly related to whether commodities can be protected. It is a special coat that wraps food and supplies, turns them into commodities on shelves after long-distance transportation, and reduces the damage rate of commodities in long-distance transportation. Packaging is divided into transportation packaging and sales packaging. Only with a reasonable modeling structure can packaging play their respective roles in transportation and sales. Paper is the most widely used packaging material, and the shape of paper is also changeable, which can be shaped into various forms to protect products. The structure of carton packaging directly affects the stress condition of products and the convenience of transportation. Take the structure of the bottom of the most common square carton for example, the latch type and automatic type are the most common. The main advantages of the latch type are simple structure and complete bottom picture, but the load-bearing capacity is inferior to that of the automatic box bottom, which can only load light and small products. The automatic box bottom locks the box bottom by using the tension generated after the paper is inserted and overlapped. This box type can withstand strong gravity and is mostly used for large-scale packaging, But the production process is relatively complex. The design of a toilet box takes into account the fragile characteristics of the product. The designer uses a trapezoidal structure to ensure the stability during transportation and storage and prevent the product from being reversed. The design of this package integrates the functions of loading and unloading, supply, stacking, opening and closing, and fully reflects the protective function of packaging in the transportation and sales links. Another example is a box for packaging plants, made of corrugated paper, which can accommodate 35 potted plants. However, if we buy Electronic Tensile testing machines with poor quality for reasons of price, they will not affect each other, which is convenient for transportation. At the same time, they are also a very good exhibition frame. Returning to the origin of protective function is to select appropriate materials and design reasonable structures, so as to endow materials with the energy to protect commodities, provide the convenience of transporting commodities, and truly achieve the purpose of protecting commodities, rather than following the so-called ethos, echoing others, and catching up with the trend of materials. New things are not necessarily the best, When operating the fatigue testing machine, the designer should first remove the electrical signal received from the servo valve, and make a correct, objective and comprehensive judgment according to the actual situation, so as to design a package that can effectively protect the goods. Let's return to the origin of convenience function. The reason why products need packaging is that it can solve the problems of distribution and display of products in the circulation process, convenience and rationality in the use process, etc. Strong outer packaging can ensure the safe transportation of products, while small packaging with exquisite structure can also bring functional breakthroughs to products. Japanese designer daguanzhuo also redesigned the cigarette box, which brought many surprises to consumers. Considering that most smokers will smoke outdoors without taking ashtrays with them, he combined the two into the same package. From the side, it seems that the extra small bags can not be underestimated. They can not only store the ashes, but also lock the ashes firmly through folding to reduce air pollution. The subtle transformation of humanization brings great convenience to consumers, which is the functional breakthrough caused by the structure. Outer packaging provides convenience for transportation and display of goods, while the shape of containers directly affects the convenience of users. The streamlined Coca Cola bottle, redesigned in 1915, is a classic shape of container design, and the smooth curve creates a comfortable feel. Simon Lowe, an American professional industrial design master, believed that this was the most perfect design and improved it in 1954. Until today, the curve shape is still evolving and applied to a wider range of fields, such as children's bath products. The curve shape of coca cola glass bottles is applied to plastic bottles, which is more suitable for children's hands. In addition, the use of the elastic characteristics of plastic makes it more convenient to use. Returning to the origin of convenience is to design a reasonable packaging structure, create a comfortable container shape, protect products more effectively, and make more rational use of products, which also requires us to have a better understanding of the properties and use of products. Going deep into life is the best way. Let's return to the origin of selling sexual functions. With appropriate materials and excellent structure, whether it means that the functionality of packaging has been solved, the answer is No. Packaging must also convey the information and functional value of products to consumers. Different commodities have different characteristics, which are determined by the image, performance, purpose, sales target and other factors of commodities. When commodities with common characteristics are put together, what designers need to do is to highlight the individuality of different brands, which is what we call market positioning. Individuality is based on commonness. Only by deeply understanding the corporate culture, strictly grasping the product characteristics, and constantly innovating the color layout, can products stand out among similar commodities and bring people a pleasing and distinctive aesthetic feeling. There is a design. The prominent image of mint leaves in the packaging makes it more clear that this is a group of herbal aromatherapy drugs. The concise layout and clear words make consumers clear about the product category at a glance. The packaging has become a silent salesman who always stands in the front line. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are becoming more and more picky about goods. The market economy has shortened the commodity cycle, and the competition between manufacturers in similar commodities has become increasingly day-to-day. The price war has forced merchants to constantly update their products and constantly change their packaging. In order to defeat competitors, some products have even been packaged to cover up their real functions and values. Therefore, the packaging is also marked with cultural characteristics and becomes personalized, but empty words cannot express the attributes of the product, and the gorgeous appearance cannot hide the rough quality. At some times, the packaging has evolved into a protective clothing for inferior products. Returning to the origin of marketability is to let consumers really understand the goods in the package and relevant information, and to help manufacturers fully show the advantages of products. This requires our designers to treat every design carefully, not to deceive consumers with luxurious appearance, and not to become an accomplice of unscrupulous businesses. Back to the origin of packaging, the material is not necessarily the best, but it should be the most safe; The structure is not necessarily the most complex, but it should be the most reasonable; Design is not necessarily the most avant-garde, but it should be the most expressive. A qualified packaging should first take the commodity as the object of consideration, analyze its material, shape, storage and transportation mode, and ensure that the purpose of truly protecting the commodity is achieved. If we blindly seek differences and changes regardless of reality, the packaging we produce can not protect the commodity, but also increase the packaging and transportation costs, which is disrespect for the commodity and do not understand the design. In the final analysis, as a specific design activity, packaging design must provide protection, convenience and sales functions for products, which every designer can't violate

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