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Packaging and decoration design and information society

the packaging and decoration of commodities is to protect commodities. It is an indispensable means to transmit commodity information and promote commodity sales. With the development of modern production, after more than ten years of in-depth practice and public opinion activities, the important role of commodity packaging and decoration has been recognized and noticed in a wider range. However, the current packaging and decoration design level in China still lags behind the needs of the development of the situation. It unilaterally emphasizes the aesthetic effect and ignores the information expression of commodities. Many flashy, specious and blindly designed packaging and decoration have flowed into the commodity market, which desalinates the public's trust in commodity packaging

in fact, the packaging and decoration of commodities can achieve the expected effect only on the premise of accurately conveying commodity information, using reasonable materials and processes, and adopting appropriate design forms. Its functional value, economic value and aesthetic value obviously exist in the amount and accuracy of information contained in packaging and decoration

(I) the 21st century - human information society

the information revolution marked by electronic technology is a revolution in human spirit. At present, we are stepping into this great change, which is large enough to shake the industrial structure and social system, and will become one of the products of human consciousness activities outside the economic field

with the renewal of people's ideas and the diversification of their ways of thinking, the value of information will increase. Now, the value system of the whole society is moving from satisfying material desires to enriching spiritual life. When people focus on pursuing a life that is out of standardization and in line with their personal personality, the demand for information is bound to be greater

an example of such a transformation in physics based on economics will affect the whole human world in the 21st century. As a means of economic behavior, packaging technology will create a new cultural form through comprehensive integration with culture in a highly civilized information society. Fundamentally speaking, information itself is not only closely related to matter, but also to spirit

it is a rule that the fees paid for services will increase with the increase of wages. Therefore, in business in the future, we should use various methods and means to provoke the heartstrings that can move customers. It is indispensable and crucial to provide psychological information here

at present, the important factors that determine the number and variety of commodities and the strategies and Strategies of competition in the world market are business work and its organizational form and method, that is, marketing. The function of marketing is to master information, formulate strategies, make decisions, make predictions and carry out experiments

(II) consumption trend in high information society

consumers in the 1990s will be more "strategic buyers". People's pace of life is generally tense. They know how to balance time, energy and money that cannot be taken into account at the same time. People want to buy high-quality goods that can meet the needs of life and have excellent performance. Consumers may also need more goods with additional services

people are demanding new products, new markets and new interests. Products are pushing through the old and bringing forth the new at an alarming rate. Companies selling consumer goods have to strengthen their forecasting systems

(III) packaging and decoration in the information age

the information age has brought great changes to the industry. As the final link of the industry, commodity sales mainly rely on the silent salesman of sales packaging for information exchange. It is the medium and bridge between commodities and consumers. Only when packaging designers try their best to absorb the changing commodity and consumption information, judge and synthesize it, and compile programs, can they produce new information. Successful design positioning should be the best information acquisition and reproduction

the package has passed the on-site production test, and the decoration design should be rigorous and scientific. Design, like commodities entering the market, should have a clear purpose and scientific basis. Designers must absorb a lot of information related to this product in order to mature and perfect their positioning ideas. Social investigation is an effective way to get information. For example, compare and study the manufacturers, sales objects, sales methods, performance, grade, customs and market conditions of goods in consumption areas; compare and study similar products (domestic and foreign). Through the processing of these information, analysis and design, and strive to achieve targeted design goals

if it is predicted that the top ten popular commodities in the world will be:

1) disposable commodities:

2) multi-functional commodities:

3) commodities with attractive fragrance:

4) retro commodities:

5) combined commodities:

6) commodities convenient for women:

7) small and exquisite commodities:

8) fitness commodities:

9) curious convenience foods:

10) men's beauty products:

the above is According to the sales information from all aspects, after synthesis, analysis, research and processing, predict the future market commodity sales orientation. However, the changes in consumer demand and the development of scientific and technological progress have accelerated the renewal of commodity varieties, forcing manufacturers to formulate a series of strategies and measures related to commodity varieties, determine the time limit for the production of new products and the elimination of old products, packaging forms, trademarks and commodity names under the conditions of the chain reaction of innovation, so as to meet the needs of market changes. When products enter the market, they generally go through five stages, that is, putting them on the market. If the failure cannot be eliminated by fax or e-mail, there are five stages: the first batch of sales of products and the decline of sales. As the decision-maker of production and operation or the designer of commodity packaging, we must pay attention to the information feedback of new products at any stage in order to predict the future. Formulate specific strategies and measures to make yourself always among the strong

in the 1990s, China entered a stable growth era, and every family has owned consumer property that can meet the desire of life. Therefore, the main task of commodity packaging in the future is how to induce and stimulate personal consumption enthusiasm. Obviously, the task of commodity packaging is to build a bridge between commodities and consumers. Therefore, in order to build this bridge, on the one hand, it should try its best to maintain a delicate balance between the two, on the other hand, it should also constantly make sensitive reactions so that it can adapt to each other. In this sense, it has the dual agency function of goods and consumers

whether goods are in short supply or in oversupply, stereotyped goods that lack characteristics are always unwelcome. Looking for new goods and selecting distinctive goods have become a pleasure for modern consumers. As a packaging and decoration designer, how to meet the psychological desire of consumers to be innovative, change and happy to the greatest extent is the key to measure the success or failure of design

more and more packaging and decoration designers have gradually shifted their attention from studying the goods themselves to paying attention to customers' consumption habits and psychology. That is, from the design of the commodity itself to the design of consumers. It is a design made by the seller to the buyer from the commodity to the consumer. The orientation and form of its design involve three aspects: the acquisition of customers' consumption information, the use of these information materials to improve product packaging and the provision of best services to consumers. This is a two-way bridge between design and consumers, and consumers' opinions flow back to designers

as it involves a wide range of consumers who are not easy to control, how to obtain complete market and consumption information has become a key issue in modern packaging and decoration design. A successful packaging design should be able to easily curl and crack, turn potential consumers into obvious consumers, turn ordinary consumers into target customers, and make free consumers become loyal basic customers. In the "consumer is the emperor", in the consumer era of consumer oriented enterprise survival, I'm afraid that how to make full use of consumer information and make it the driving force for the enterprise to move forward will be one of the most important topics for designers in the future packaging and decoration design work

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