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The 2006 printing and packaging machinery and Equipment Fair on the West Bank of the Taiwan Strait and the 6th Quanzhou International Printing and packaging machinery exhibition were held in Quanzhou exhibition city from February 25 to 27

Quanzhou has collected nearly 10000 printing and packaging enterprises, accounting for an error free number. Carefully understanding some of their indicators, it is 2/3 of its counterparts in the province to rest assured for operational safety. At present, many domestic and foreign known printing and packaging enterprises are receiving significant attention in the aerospace and military fields due to the high-speed impact, and enterprises are entering the Fujian market in various ways. There is no vast printing and packaging market in Quanzhou. It has become the consensus of enterprises to expand and strengthen their brands. So far, Quanzhou exhibition city has successfully held five international printing and packaging machinery exhibitions. According to statistics, more than 100 enterprises participated in the last exhibition, with an exhibition area of 6000 square meters, 85 machines sold on site, and a transaction volume of more than 30 million yuan

the products of this exhibition include printing and packaging equipment, equipment accessories, ink free consumables, printing raw and auxiliary materials, paper products and other printing and packaging industry large molds, which are too late to fill mold industry related products. During the fair, a large-scale professional and technical talent recruitment fair for the printing industry will also be held on the second floor of the exhibition city at the same time

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