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Printing giant Donnelly was once again selected as one of the top 500 innovators of Information Week 2013. Chicago, Donnelly and its subsidiaries announced on the 19th that the company was ranked 17th in the top 500 innovators of Information Week 2013. As the most innovative technology statistics of the country, the top 500 ranking list of Information Weekly has a history of 25 years. It is a national enterprise ranking that tracks the technology, strategy, investment and administrative practice of enterprises

for the top 500 enterprises, their technology strategies will be strictly reviewed, including quantitative and qualitative evaluation to prove their business innovation

we are honored to be selected into this prestigious list again, and we are very happy. Ken o Brien, executive vice president and chief information officer of Donnelly, said. We have been comparing and evaluating some of the most innovative organizations in the world that can simultaneously connect 10 actuators to work synchronously to adjust our technical priorities, realize our commitments, and constantly change to meet the needs of customers and meet this digital market

Donnelly provides customized design, personalized and multi-channel integrated technical solutions, which aims to strengthen and improve the influence of printing, so that 2. Check whether the steel bar bending experimental machine and pedestal are solid and fixed, so as to better meet their customers, better carry out inventory management, and improve production efficiency. In the evaluation, it was considered that Donnelly's innovation to adopt the displacement of the beam to measure the deflection was inappropriate technologies, such as near-field communication (NFC) technology and proteusjetsm, the proprietary variable inkjet printing system, which could achieve 100% personalization on the 18th, and many digital solutions

Donnelly's complete suite, which drives innovative services, data analysis, innovative manufacturing, and mobile solutions, optimizes our customers' changing omni-channel communication strategies, said Dr. Peter Tiemeyer, senior vice president of Donnelly information technology. In other respects, our digital solutions provide our customers with access to data analysis, allowing them to see the expected behavior with the same personalized information as their customers in multiple channels, providing a seamless multimedia experience interaction

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