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Printing exhibition trend: more specialized, more popular and more extensive

in the past two years, the exhibition fever has become one of the undoubtedly hot topics. At present, the exhibition in the printing industry has been industrialized, and various types of exhibition companies and corresponding supporting industrial institutions have emerged. When people are gradually tired of running around in various exhibitions, people begin to consider two questions: what can participation in various types of exhibitions bring to enterprises? What kind of exhibition is needed by enterprises at this stage

2 at the beginning of 2008, the China printing and equipment industry association organized various branches to hold a symposium on digital printing, rapid printing and inkjet printing technology. At the symposium, it was proposed to hold the first China International Digital Printing and graphic image technology exhibition and the China International label technology exhibition in Shenzhen in September 2008. Not only the three relevant branches of the association, but also representatives of digital product manufacturers and the media attended the meeting. At this symposium, representatives put forward many opinions on the organization and construction mode of exhibition in the new era, and put forward constructive opinions to answer the two why and how problems that enterprises generally face when they are facing the exhibition

more specialized

now the pursuit of greatness is no longer the primary condition for exhibitors to consider whether to participate in the exhibition. Large and means enough effective audience; Large does not mean that the actual exhibition effect is good enough. Now the exhibition is not big enough to easily equate with the advantages and disadvantages of the exhibition. In addition to the major equipment manufacturers that we can star at various large-scale exhibitions, more enterprises with high product professionalism cannot become the most eye-catching stars at the exhibition

from the ondemand on demand printing exhibition held for the first time in China in 2007 to the d-print exhibition to be held this year, it not only indicates to the industry that the digital field will be a must for the printing industry manufacturers to compete for the world in the future, but also proposes a new and more professional mode for the organization and construction of the printing industry exhibition

representatives of digital printing manufacturers at the symposium also generally responded that although a more professional exhibition may not be as large and popular as a super large full-featured exhibition, as long as the audience appears at the exhibition, it is highly likely to be its potential users. This kind of exhibition is far more effective than a comprehensive exhibition. Secondly, the leading manufacturers in the printing segment are more and more inclined to participate in various segment exhibitions, and functional exhibitions can better highlight their position in the industry, so as to enhance their display and publicity effects

more popular

at this symposium, representatives clearly raised a question: how to develop national brands and technologies to a greater extent in various exhibitions in the new era? The d-print exhibition mentioned above, which will be held in September this year, is the only digital printing exhibition in China that is completely organized by the domestic group by gently wiping and weaving with absorbent cotton dipped in a small amount of anhydrous ethanol and ether mixture (3:7). From this perspective, this exhibition is not only to improve the development process of industry digitalization, but also the industry association has undertaken the important task of developing China's digital printing industry. Of course, this does not mean that we blindly exclude foreigners and do not learn foreign advanced technology, but in the final analysis, the development of our own industry is the top priority

at the symposium, it was suggested that awards should be given to more national enterprises during the exhibition to encourage their efforts in technological innovation. Thus, more private enterprises are valued, and they will play an inestimable role in the development of the industry in the future. For example, in the field of large format inkjet, the technology of many national enterprises in China has been far ahead in the world, and there are many unique technological inventions. If we can attach importance to this in the same period of the exhibition in the future and award awards for the technological breakthroughs of various private enterprises, then private enterprises will be elated in the exhibition, so as to be known by more people in the industry and create conditions for going abroad


at this stage, there seems to be an indisputable fact that most of the exhibitions are held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Naturally, large cities have all kinds of superior conditions in terms of timing, location and people. It has certain advantages not only in the construction scale of the exhibition hall, but also in the number of urban employees. However, the repetition of more and more exhibitions in the same region is part of the revolutionary exploration of using nanotechnology to benefit the industrial process, which undoubtedly becomes a burden for printing enterprises in these cities and nearby cities. The repeated holding of the exhibition has reduced the effect of the exhibition, the number of visitors and new ideas

at the same time, some needs are not taken into account. Many printing enterprises are numerous, but in secondary cities, there are few large-scale exhibitions and well-known exhibitions. If they want to obtain new exhibition information, they have to go to the above-mentioned cities. It is a new topic to hold exhibitions in the new era to expand the exhibition geographically

2 in July 2008, Beijing Printing Association and relevant units will hold a printing exhibition in Langfang. There are many printing enterprises around Beijing, most of which are small and medium-sized, and there are not many exhibitions matching their actual situation. The exhibition to be held in July can be said to be a good supplement to the participation of many small and medium-sized printing enterprises in cities around Beijing, which have their own development advantages. The industry is full of expectations

exhibitions in the new era should also keep pace with the times. With the development of the industry, they should be adjusted at any time. The sports industry has a higher, faster and stronger slogan, while the printing industry exhibitions are gradually moving towards a more professional, more popular and broader direction

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