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On January 25th, 2005, China printing and equipment industry association held a consultation forum in Beijing in Shenzhen building. The consultants attending the meeting were: Wang Yi, Feng Liyun, Ye Zhen, Liu Baosheng, Zhu Tanlin, song although Xianliang, Zhang Shipeng, Zhang Yinyu, Zhang Zhiyuan, Li Yongchang, Li Zengming, Chen Pingzhou, Chen Xingpeng, Hou Guozhu, Yu Yongtie, Ke Tingyao, Xia Tianjun, Gao Jun Lu Bing, Tan Junqiao

the symposium was co chaired by President Zhen and Vice President Gao Yongqing. On behalf of all the staff of the association, Comrade Yu Zhen first wished the old comrades a happy new year, good health and family happiness

At the meeting, Xu Jinfeng, vice president and Secretary General of the association, reported to the veteran comrades the work summary of 2004 and the work priorities of 2005. The veteran comrades had a discussion around Comrade Xu Jinfeng's report, and fully affirmed the work of the association in 2004. They believed that the association had done a lot of practical work, the work was more and more solid, the working face was more and more broad, the truth was told, and the direction was clear. At the same time, it has put forward many good opinions on the future work of the association. The Yulian group takes full action to promote the development of important characteristics of high-quality microcomputer controlled impact testing machines in enterprises as the core and suggestions. It believes that the association has paid attention to exhibition work in recent years, and has also achieved results. It is suggested that the association should further strengthen other work, such as experience exchange, technology exchange, new product promotion, talent training, strengthening the information construction of the association, etc

during the discussion, Comrade Yu Zhen listened carefully to the speeches of the consultants, nodded his head frequently, and said that the opinions were well put forward. The exchange of enterprise management experience, technical exchange and training were very important. After the meeting, the Secretariat should study them carefully and implement them one by one

the symposium was also attended by: association 1, min Fuxiang, Deputy Secretary General of the preface, Cao Fengling, Gao yingkai, head of the Department, GUI Yuying, Secretary General of the printing machine branch, and Ma Shuyi, Secretary General of the Express Printing Branch

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