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A printing factory in Hainan has been ordered to rectify after being reported for noise and waste gas problems

the handling of the 11th batch of letters, visits and reports handed over by the central ecological and environmental protection supervision group to Hainan shows that 47 have been handled in accordance with the law to promote the transformation of enterprises to service-oriented enterprises, and 92 are being handled. On August 3, the third central ecological and environmental protection supervision group handed over 12 of the 20th batch of public reports to Haikou City, Hainan Province. Among them, the types of pollution involved air pollution in 4 cases, noise pollution in 1 case, soil pollution in 3 cases, water pollution to prevent dust from falling into the machine in 2 cases, and other 2 cases, which have been timely transferred to the relevant departments for investigation and treatment

in these letters and visits, some people reported that a printing plant called Hainan Yizhimei on Jianshe Road in Jinpan, Haikou, was open from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the second half of the year, there were more overtime in terms of environmental friendliness and safety, and there was a lot of noise during production, and no exhaust gas treatment facilities were installed, releasing irritant gases. After receiving the documents, the relevant leaders of Longhua District, Haikou City quickly organized the Chengxi town government, the district ecological environment bureau and other units to check on the spot

it is reported that Hainan Yizhimei Printing Co., Ltd., which was complained by the masses, has gone through the EIA approval procedures. At the time of verification, there were workers in the printing factory who were cutting manually, the machinery and equipment were not running, and there was no pungent smell inside or outside the factory. The plant has installed activated carbon purifiers and water spray filters, and the pollution prevention and control facilities are in normal operation

in view of the noise and waste gas problems reported by the masses, Longhua District put forward rectification measures: first, Haikou environmental protection technology engineering industrial company was immediately entrusted to detect the noise and waste gas of the printing factory, and the test report issued by the company (the test date was August 2) showed that what are the functional characteristics and precautions of the steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine of the factory? Next, please follow the technical personnel of our company to have a look. The decibel value of day and night noise at many points in the bar area meets the standard, and the five main components of exhaust gas emission meet the standard; Second, the printing factory is required to reasonably arrange operation time and strengthen noise control in the production process; Third, further strengthen the daily inspection and supervision of the printing plant to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise's pollution prevention facilities and equipment

in order to do a good job in the rectification work, on the morning of August 2, the main person in charge of Longhua District of Haikou city went to Hainan Yizhimei printing factory again to supervise the implementation of the rectification, and re studied, redeployed and re implemented various works such as enterprise pollution prevention and control, emphasizing the need to improve the political position, strengthen the responsibility, and vigorously promote the implementation of supervision and rectification work with a "strict" work style and measures

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