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An inventory of China's printing equipment market (Part 2)

the blanket manufacturing industry has great potential for development.

printing blanket is a general term for offset printing blanket, banknote printing blanket, iron printing blanket and all kinds of printing blanket. It is an important and vulnerable accessory of printing machines, of which the consumption of offset printing blanket is the largest and the scope of use is the widest. In 2004, the output of printed rubber cloth in China was 1.04 million m2, the sales volume was 280million yuan, and the average sales price was 265.08 yuan/m2, an increase of 19.30% year-on-year. Among them, export sales are 224000 m2, export foreign exchange earning is 6.15 million US dollars, and the average export unit price is 27.46 US dollars/m2. In the total production of printing blanket in China in 2004, the air cushion blanket with high technical content and good printing adaptability, which is widely welcomed by the printing industry, was 602200 m2, accounting for 57.90% of the total production. In recent years, the total production of printing blanket in China has averaged about 1million m2, with a year-on-year increase of about 30%. The sales volume also increased by more than 30% year-on-year. The sales volume generally accounted for 98% - 99% of the total production of printed blanket that year, and the production and sales were basically balanced. The annual sales revenue exceeded 200 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of more than 25%

China's printing blanket manufacturing industry has achieved gratifying development with the rapid, sustained and stable growth of China's national economy

Shanghai laifuchi printing new materials Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Shanghai baochichi printing new materials Co., Ltd. and Reeves brothers, Inc., the largest manufacturer of printing blanket in the world in recent years. The registered capital is $9.7 million, and the total investment is $22.7 million. The capital has been in place. All the equipment is designed by the Italian branch of Reeves brothers, Inc. in the United States. The production line is world-class. The annual production capacity can reach 150000 M2 after completion, and 350000 M2 after the completion of phase III project. Combined with the original production capacity of 200000 m2, the total production capacity will exceed 500000 M2. At that time, Shanghai laifuchi printing new materials Co., Ltd. will be one of the largest printing blanket manufacturers in China. Its products cover three grades: high, medium and low, which meet the needs of today's domestic and foreign markets. After its new printing blanket production line is put into operation, it will undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of domestic printing blanket in both domestic and foreign markets. Shanghai printing equipment factory and Japan Meiji Co., Ltd. jointly established Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd. in the early 1990s. The company adopts imported advanced production equipment, advanced technology and high-quality raw materials, specializing in the production of offset air cushion blanket. The annual sales volume is more than 200000 square meters, with half for export and half for domestic sales, and the average annual foreign exchange earning is more than 4 million US dollars. The export market covers dozens of countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe and Oceania. Among them, the most important exporting countries (or regions) are Japan, the United States, South Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Its domestic products are mostly used as imported printing machine accessories of world-renowned manufacturers such as Heidelberg and Manroland. Today, "Meiji blanket" has become a recognized brand in the international printing industry. In addition, air cushion rubber blanket produced by Shanghai sanding, Shanghai Xinxing, Shanghai Youlong and Zhongnan rubber also exports a considerable number of products every year

in recent years, the international community has continuously introduced new air cushion blanket. For example, the stainless steel liner steel back brand rubber blanket launched by day International USA, sapphire brand rubber blanket produced by Phoenix (North America), and pcrlect dot rubber blanket produced by Hyderabad (USA) The zenith brand and crystal brand rubber blanket recently launched by Prisco, the sx10 rubber blanket of dycsupply, and the conti airprestige air cushion rubber blanket developed by conti Tech in Germany are all at the world's advanced level

there are many small factories producing cots and many low-end products.

in 2004, the total production of printing cots in China was 2.551 billion cm3, with a year-on-year increase of 5.46%, which is equivalent to 78.18% of the total annual production capacity of the equipment, an increase of 14.67% over the previous year, and the utilization rate of the equipment has been significantly improved. The sales volume is 2.379 billion. Cm3, with a year-on-year increase of 6.78%, and the sales volume is equivalent to 93.26% of the total production of printing cots in China that year, an increase of 1.16% over the previous year. The total sales volume was 267million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 24.19%. The average sales unit price was 0.1122 yuan/cm3, with a year-on-year increase of 16.27%. Among them, the export sales volume was 118 million cm3, with a year-on-year increase of 180.95%, accounting for 4.63% of the total production of printing cots in China that year, an increase of 2.89% over the previous year

at present, there are more than 400 printing glue stick production enterprises in China, and small individual workshops occupy the vast majority of seats. Enterprises with an output value of 5million yuan or more account for about 1% - 2%. Domestic medium and low-grade printing cots occupy a dominant market position, and supply exceeds demand. Faced with the current situation of the domestic market and the needs of the printing industry, some domestic manufacturers, before China's accession to the WTO, have begun to increase the variety of printing cots, improve the grade and optimize the quality of the research and development work, and achieved results. Shanghai Baochi Chunlei rubber roller Co., Ltd. is jointly invested and established by Baochi group, Shanghai Yinxin Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. and Japan techno roll Co., Ltd. its partner is one of the leading companies in this field in the world - base line/Jomac company of the United States. Shanghai Baochi Chunlei cots Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high-end printing Cots with imported advanced equipment, advanced technology and imported raw materials, and has achieved fruitful results in competing with the high-end printing cots market in China. Rhinoceros brand rubber from Afton company of the United States, a world-famous international brand, is used to produce water rollers and polyurethane adhesive rollers with high gross profit margin. Japanese techno roll trust-b raw materials are used to produce UV rollers. Its technicians are specially sent to the United States and Japan for comprehensive training, and engineers and technicians are specially invited from Japan to be responsible for the supervision of product quality, process flow and after-sales service. Recently, the company's high-end printing cots have been put on the market for nearly 100 million cubic centimeters per year. The spring breeze Silver Star rubber roller Co., Ltd. in Jizhou city, Hebei Province, which has won many honors, such as the national gold medal for science and technology and the Hebei Province famous brand product quality benefit advanced enterprise, was founded in 1979. Its leading product 'Silver Star Rubber Cots' has formed 11 series and more than 10000 specifications, with an annual production capacity of more than 1.1 billion C3. In 2004, the total production of its printing cots was 10.2, and it has become a top priority to further resolve the excess capacity by using market-oriented means. It is 400million cm3, and the sales volume is 983 million cm3, Total sales of 1.4 Slater told the American fast company magazine station: "Most plastic waste is still large, more than 700million yuan, ranking first in the same industry in China. 111million cm3 of the products are exported and sold in international trade, and a considerable part of their domestic sales are used in imported printing machine accessories such as Heidelberg, Manroland, lindco, Fujitsu, Shinon, Hamada and bit Feiling.

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to sum up, with the sustained and stable development of China's national economy, China's printing equipment manufacturing industry has gained With rapid growth, major printing equipment such as paper and paperboard, printing ink, printing blanket, printing cots and electrochemical aluminum have achieved good results in consecutive years, and their production and sales have achieved gratifying results, with sales revenue exceeding 200 billion yuan. However, we should see that there is still a considerable gap between China's per capita consumption of printed matter and that of developed countries, which just shows that China's market has great potential for development. Today, under the new situation that China has entered the WTO and integrated into the global economic integration, China's printing equipment production, in addition to increasing output, should pay more attention to improving the scientific and technological content of products, so as to make them meet the needs of today's multi-color, high-speed, fast drying, pollution-free and low consumption modern printing

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