Safety measures to prevent roof falling accidents

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Safety measures to prevent roof fall and slope accidents

roof fall and slope accidents are the results of ground pressure. As long as there is mining, there will be ground pressure activities. Practice has proved that ground pressure activities can be controlled. Therefore, ground pressure management is the measure to prevent roof fall and slope accidents

(1) roadway ground pressure management measures:

① reasonable selection of roadway location. The shaft and roadway should be designed in hard homogeneous rock, and the rock mass with cataclastic structure and loose structure should be avoided as far as possible; Avoid arranging roadways in stress concentration areas; The axial direction of the roadway shall be perpendicular to the strike of the weak plane as far as possible

② reasonably determine the shape and size of roadway section

③ adopt reasonable support types to improve the resistance of roadway to ground pressure after removing power problems

④ reduce the impact of blasting on roadway stability. In order to reduce the impact of blasting on the stability of the roadway, the following measures can be taken: use the explosives with space interval charging, low detonation speed and low power to reduce the blasting cracks

(2) stope ground pressure management measures:

① reasonably determine Stope Parameters and mining sequence according to the engineering geological conditions of the deposit

② establish a hierarchical roof management system to strengthen roof management

challenge: high cost affects the choice of enterprises ③ do a good job in the inspection and treatment of pumice. The handler should stand in a safe place and choose a good exit. When dealing with it, you should also be careful, patient and attentive. Don't use too much force or be impatient

(3) in the exposed roadway where people often walk, people should tour every day to focus on the development of positive material, negative material, high-performance copper foil and aluminum foil inspection of high-capacity long-life energy storage batteries. For sections with loose top and side, knock the top in time and deal with it

(4) carry out the mechanical property test of rock mass and the study of the law of ground pressure activity, and timely grasp the changes of roof rock mass; At the same time, the surrounding rock of the stope should be checked frequently to grasp its changes in time, and corresponding preventive measures should be taken according to different situations

(5) reasonably determine rock drilling and blasting parameters. Proper selection of blasting parameters can avoid roof fall caused by blasting

(6) after blasting ventilation of the working face, operators must check and clean up the loose rocks suspended on the roadway roof and two sides due to blasting when entering the working face

(7) establish safety technical operation procedures and normal production order and operation system, strengthen safety technical training, and improve the technical quality of employees

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