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Safety of blister packaging and new materials

safety of blister packaging

scientific drug packaging is conducive to people taking drugs correctly. If prescription drugs are packaged with specially designed blisters instead of ordinary bottles, it will increase the possibility of patients taking drugs correctly. For patients taking drugs to treat chronic hypertension (lisinopril), if the drugs are packaged in blisters rather than loosely packed in bottles, they will be more likely to take the drugs in time according to the requirements of the prescription. Because blister packaging can mark the date on each drug. In addition, nearly half of patients' pressure will be relieved after purchasing drugs in blister packaging, while less than 20% of patients who buy drugs in bottle packaging will have reduced pressure

this blister package is called the "tablet calendar". The traditional test method for tablets is to divide a plastic box into several cells, which contain the tablets that need to be taken every day for a week. Similar to the traditional tablet calendar, these blister packages are not greater than 0.5% of the load indication; It also includes the daily dose

each plastic bubble packaged by blister seems to be some small houses. Independent tablets are packed in these bubbles, and then aluminum foil is used to package from the back, which is mainly used to test the tensile and compressive strength of various coil springs and other elastic elements. When the patient takes it, push the plastic bubble to let the tablet penetrate the aluminum foil, and the plastic bubble can also be restored to its original state. In addition, there is a lot of space on the blister package, which can print the important taking information on the tablets. Although drug blister packaging is not a new concept, it is only used by many short-term drugs, and most long-term tablets do not use this packaging

new materials for drug blister packaging

the simple surface packaging often hides the internal complexity, especially the packaging of pharmaceutical products. It should not only consider the use safety of consumers, but also consider the service life of packaged drugs. In order to obtain high-quality packaging and meet all kinds of needs in an all-round way, the packaging must have a variety of characteristics, including product visibility and shelf time, flexibility and convenience of opening the packaging, children's accidental eating resistance and drug damage resistance

Topas recyclable olefin copolymer (COC) produced by Ticona company can enable packaging designers to meet these challenges and meet all needs. This material is suitable for blister packaging of medicine and other medical products. Topas COC products have several different series, and the heat-resistant temperature ranges from 75 ℃ to 170 ℃. The material quality of most topascoc meets the requirements of FDA and USP class VI, and also meets the requirements of NDA in terms of blister packaging of pharmaceutical products

topas COC has better crushing resistance than glass, and its good barrier and high transparency make it a good packaging material, which can replace glass and be used to package pre filled syringes, test tubes and other medical devices. Moreover, because its density is only half of that of glass, it not only reduces the difficulty of handling, but also avoids the high cost caused by crushing in transportation

whether it is medical devices or medical flexible packaging, Topas COC can be used as isolation layer material or mixed with other polyolefin materials. If the package is a two-layer coextrusion and three-layer structure, this material is often used as the core layer of the package. Polypropylene is generally used for outer packaging, and other polymers (such as PVC or polyethylene) can also be used. Because Topas olefin copolymer has a wide range of processing adaptability, it can be thermoformed in the standard blister production line. During the thermoforming process, because of its good thermoforming performance, it can maximize the wall thickness of the blister, so as to improve the barrier performance. The test on the mature thermoforming equipment shows that the cycle time is 20% faster than that of PVDC (polydichloroethylene) coated PVC film. Because the specific gravity of Topas COC is low (generally 1.02), the film production per pound of resin is much larger than that of vinyl film. When used in medical device packaging, Topas can be processed directly on conventional injection molding equipment without pre drying

if used in conjunction with PE, the high heat resistance of Topas COC can be used to make a film for steam disinfection of pre filled blisters (such as liquid drugs, other drugs, etc.). This film has good thermoforming processability and will not produce sharp edges after cutting with a mold. When mixed with other polyolefins, the hardness of Topas COC increases sharply, so the film thickness must be reduced. Due to its high moisture barrier, good transparency and thermoformability, this kind of packaging material is most suitable for use as barrier material for disinfection products, such as single dose aqueous drugs, solutions, etc. The water resistance of Topas 8007 is ten times that of PVC, which is the most suitable blister packaging film for thermoformed drugs. In addition to being used as protective packaging for humidity sensitive drugs, Topas COC is also used for a variety of packaging purposes, such as scrubbing bags, packaging of electrodes and other devices, which can prolong the storage time

blister packaging new products

with the continuous updating of blister packaging equipment, more humanized new packaging forms also appear

1. Blister packaging designed for the elderly

pharmadial blister card produced by Colbert packaging company has obtained children's safety F1 grade. It passed the assessment of this level successfully not long ago because the company used blisterguard cardboard, which uses cross laminated film with high tear strength from Valeron strength films. Pharmadial is characterized by: it has a blister part, which users must rotate 90 ° if possible to obtain drugs, and this part is easy to grasp, which reflects well in the tests for the elderly

2. Blister packaging for "supervising" patients to take drugs

in order to prevent drugs from being eaten by mistake, the market has launched a drug blister packaging card. This technology is programmed with low-cost microchip technology, which can send a "beep" prompt sound to patients according to the medication cycle. The pocket device can also monitor the actual medication time of patients. When replacing again, the data can be downloaded to the computer and evaluated by the pharmacist. If problems are found, consult or take other preventive measures to avoid adverse consequences. Data can also be sent electronically to doctors for clinical evaluation of treatment

in order to help patients use drugs more effectively, the blister packaging card has a medication schedule, eye-catching tips and color codes for different times of the day. It can even package a variety of drugs together for convenience

3. Children's safety blister packaging

tap pharmaceutical products packaged its two prescription drugs, lansoprazole capsule for the treatment of stomach diseases and Naprosyn tablet for the treatment of arthritis, in the dosepaktm package

dosepaktm set is developed by Mead Westvaco. This set includes: outer carton, blister plate and unique locking device. The packages of these two prescription drugs of tap pharmaceutical company include: two 0.012 easy sealplussbs heat sealing blister plates, Aclar blisters, a foil cover, an outer 0.024 printkote paperboard set and a weekly daily dose of tablets. The blister plate and suit are lithographically printed in four colors and covered with anti-wear coating, which shows which medicine to take on which day, which is very convenient for patients. In order to ensure the safety of the product to children, the product is also designed with a locking device that does not affect the opening of the product

in addition to dosepaktm, surpacktm products of medevac have also reached the F1 level of child safety. The product is composed of tear proof cardboard wrapped with high-strength plastic, and the patented technology of locking device is adopted on one side of the packaging box. The lock catch is tightly fastened on the cover to fix the cover at the specified position. When the lock catch is opened, the internal blister plate is lifted together with the bottom of the cover. When the cover is closed, the blister plate returns to the box, and the rest of the place can put the CD, pamphlet, safety instructions and other product information together

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